Besides cheap, what will Apple’s iPhone SE 3 look like?

Do you know when Apple will launch it?

Well the truth is that no. If you follow the rumors of the company’s products, you will know that they never reveal anything until their official presentation. Moreover, they do not even say when they will present them, but they launch a press release directly or announce an event to present them without saying what they will present there. Now, there are more and more leaks that reveal their plans and in relation to this ‘SE’ it is said that it would arrive early 2022, so we would be a little less than a year away from meeting him.

Obviously we cannot take this information for granted without Apple having confirmed it, but there are several analysts who have been forecasting it for months and, at least to this day, there are no reports that contradict these dates. It is true that from 4 years between generations we would go to 2, but in view of its possible characteristics it does not sound at all unreasonable.

The bad news is that it would be a very continuous iPhone SE

In view of how the already known iPhone SEs have been, we do not expect a great revolution in the third generation that will eclipse the higher-end models. However, there are those who believe that it was already the turn to launch a reissue of the iPhone XR with an all-screen front, especially because it would give a modern look even if it was trimmed by an IPS panel or by a single main camera. However, everything points to aesthetically it would remain the same.

iPhone SE 2020

This is what Asian analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted months ago and reconfirmed in a recent report. Kuo has a large percentage of hits from sources close to Apple’s production chains, although obviously his information could be incomplete. According to this, the iPhone SE of 2022 would bring 5G connectivity as the main novelty, and it could be a good selling point for Apple to offer the cheapest 5G mobile on the market and with all the benefits that the brand offers at the software level.

While it is true that it could incorporate the A15 chip that the iPhone would debut this year, this being a fabulous performance engine. It is well known that the public profile of these phones is not the same as that of the rest of the iPhone and in 2020 they succeeded in turning the iPhone SE into a best seller, but it will be necessary to see if it comes out just as well 5 years after the beginning of the transition to mobiles with hardly any front frames. The main benefit that this would bring could be the price, which could remain identical to the current one. We remember that in Spain part of the 489 euros.

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