Best 3D printer: which one to choose in 2022?

Why buy when you can create? 3D printers are more and more accessible and less and less complex to use. Want to crack? Then follow our comparison.

Best 3D printer

We dreamed of it, and technology has now evolved enough to make it a reality. 3D printers now allow us to create all sorts of things from the comfort of our own homes, as long as we have some engineering groundwork, solid 3D models, and the patience to iron out a few issues here and there. But the fact is that we are now capable of it! Inevitably, such power within reach is terribly salivating. Good news: 3D printers are no longer as expensive as one might imagine, and many references exist in many categories to meet all types of needs.

Our selection of the best 3D printers in 2022

If the adventure of the 3D printer appeals to you, here are the models that stand out in our eyes in 2022 and to which you should turn.

Creality CR-10S Pro

3D Creality CR-10S Pro at the best price

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The Creality CR-10S Pro is for those who want to start in the best possible conditions. The machine requires only one connection, and has the automatic leveling of its printing surface to simplify its use as much as possible.

Its performance is not the least, moreover, since everything is done to optimize the precision and timing of printing, in particular thanks to its two screws on the Z axis or its two-gear extruder. Significant bonus: the printer is also ultra quiet!

The + The –
Only one cable! Open design
Easy to use

Giantarm Geeetech A10M

Giantarm Geeetech A10M at the best price

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The great advantage of the Geeetech A10M is its dual extruder. Thanks to it, you can make a 3D print in two colors or two manufacturing materials at the same time, in order to optimize your creations even more.

Since its design is open, like the Ender 3 Pro presented just before, it dissipates heat quickly so that you can quickly recover your creations. It is also able to resume printing after a failure in an instant, to avoid waste. However, this model is not the easiest to assemble and is therefore mainly aimed at people who have already practiced 3D printing.

The + The –
Two colors/materials Difficult to mount
Excellent printing platform
Recovery from failure

March 2

Elegoo Mars 2 at the best price

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The Elegoo Mars 2 is one of the most stylish and easy to use machines on the market. It is delivered semi-assembled, so that the difficulty of the first assembly is greatly reduced. But it is also very precise, so that printing errors will be much rarer than on some other machines.

Its ChituBox software does the job very well to create your 3D objects in the most optimal way possible, but the machine is of course designed to be compatible with all types of 3D models anyway. You can also print from the integrated USB port, to avoid having to connect a computer each time you print. Its only weak point: having to use the raw material produced by the brand directly if you want to use the Elegoo Mars 2 at its full power.

The + The –
Easy to mount Proprietary Consumables
Quick to use
Very precise

Creality Ender 3 Pro

Creality Ender 3 Pro at the best price

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If you don’t have a big idea of ​​what you’re doing yet, the Creality Ender 3 Pro might be the best choice for you. It is one of the simplest machines to assemble for a beginner, knowing that a large part of its elements are delivered pre-installed.

As a bonus, the Ender 3 Pro does everything to optimize its longevity. Its power supply protects the 3D printer from power surges while reducing the warm-up time of its bed, and its CMagnet plate is made to guarantee good heat distribution while facilitating the removal of the printed object. It is also capable of resuming an impression in a jiffy, in the event of a breakdown, for example.

The + The –
Very simple to assemble Very noisy
CMagnet plate
Recovery from failure

What are the different types of 3D printer?

There are many types of 3D printer. It usually all depends on the size of your operation and what you want to do with it. For home use, we generally find the FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), or a printer that creates its object from an extruder and plastic. These are the most common models for home use. However, there is also SLA (StereoLithographie Apparatus), which uses light and photoresist to print its shapes. SLM (Selective Laser Melting) uses metal and lasers here. MJM (MultiJet Modeling) uses a liquid to create its different layers. And finally, SDL (Selective Deposition Lamination) is a process used to create paper objects.

How to choose your 3D printer?

To choose the right 3D printer, you have to pay attention to a few details. The first is the way in which its creators try to make it easier to use: we are thinking here of LCD screens that allow you to find your way around quickly, or the existence of USB or microSD ports to launch your projects without necessarily having to take out your computer for that. The shape of the printer is also important. An open design printer is more likely to miss a print, since any outside element can get involved in the creation of the product. But at the same time, this design has the advantage of being inexpensive and offering great cooling capabilities. Also pay attention to the raw materials you want to use: nylon, metal or ABS necessarily need a closed chamber. And of course, think about the size of the object you want to create: the 3D printer must be larger than this one!

Why buy a 3D printer?

Owning a 3D printer is an opportunity for you to unleash your creativity. If the first investment can be difficult to collect for some households, this first cost may quickly be offset by the many daily savings you will make for small everyday objects. Most importantly, it’s a chance for you to be able to create items that are exactly what you need, rather than having to adapt line-produced items to match your usage.

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