Best apps to download free music

App to download free music

They help us to work, communicate, have fun and endure long hours of waiting without regret. Count on free music download apps on our Apple devices it’s just great.

Today more than ever, when mobile devices have become part of everyday life. Have your handy playlists while you go to work, you are in the gym or even to rest, it is a real fortune.

Find out which are the best applications and start testing them now.


Download free music with Spotify

The pioneers of free music on the internet and with one of the most impressive music catalogs you can imagine.

It offers a free version to listen to music online, although you have to settle for the playback of random tracks selected by the platform, which also incorporates advertisements.

The best option with Spotify is to choose a premium plan and download free music on any of your iOS devices, create your own playlists and enjoy them whenever you want, even without a data connection.


For iPhone users, Snaptube is one of the most complete and versatile applications. With a simple and efficient interface where it is very easy to find your favorite music or video files.

What best distinguishes this app is the excellent quality of its resources, and the facilities for users to choose the source of their music and the resolution of their videos. In addition to being free to use, you have the possibility to share what you have downloaded on other platforms.

Apple Music

Apple Music from the App Store

Apple Music users, who number more than 60 million, agree on the excellent quality of this app to download music. So, as a worthy Apple fan, you can’t help but give it a try.

well be with your streaming or direct download service on your computer, you have a catalog with millions of songs and tracks, which you can enjoy at any time.

With your Apple Music subscription, the first month of use is completely free, although you will have to select a payment plan afterwards.

Freegal Music

An application to download free and legal music seems too good to be true, but it is and it is called Freegal Music.

With a quick search, you will find on this platform a library with more than 15 million options to download free music for your iPhone. Once downloaded, you do not need a connection, because you can play them locally on your device.

The app and downloads are freeand it is also part of an interesting social network where you can share many other resources.


MonkingMe App Store

For those who want to listen and download music without restrictions, you should definitely try MonkingMe.

The best thing about this app to download free music is that its library is organized by musical genre. So you don’t have to do much to find your style and start enjoying on your favorite iOS device.

Downloads are stored directly on your device, so you can easily enjoy all the content offline. No download or playback limits.


If your purpose is to download free music, with Deezer you have 73 million alternatives to find your favorite song. But if you can’t do it on your own, its preference algorithm will present you with some interesting options to choose from.

It also includes radio signals, podcast channels and audio in all formats. Although it is presented as radio and music in MP3with your trial registration for 30 or 90 days you will be able to verify for yourself that Deezer is much more.

With the premium version you can customize your lists and configure the playback modes, share your songs on social networks and add your own tracks.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music app to download free music

Amazon service corporation could not leave out iPhone users who love to download free music. Even with its standard version, you have content ad freebut the most interesting thing is, without a doubt, its Unlimited options.

With this, in addition to 75 million alternatives to choose from and download, you receive notifications of the latest releases in the world of entertainment. So it is well worth subscribing to this high-quality platform.


Hours of great music without ads, that’s what you get with the monthly subscription on Tidal. A platform that offers Hi Fi in each of its reproductions and the possibility of creating your lists to enjoy offline.

In addition to being among the best apps to download free music, it also offers other resources for playing videos or connecting with hundreds of radio stations around the world.

For iOS devices, there are tons of options available on the App Store that give you the opportunity to download free music, videos, and just about anything you want to listen to.

Most of them offer a Free trialso it is an excellent excuse to try them before subscribing or not permanently to a plan.

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