Best deals on Amazon headphones now (AirPods included)

If you are thinking of getting a Bluetooth headset, either to renew yours or to have one for the first time, in this post we review the best options currently available on Amazon. All of them compatible with iPhone and Android, but also with computers It will not matter if they are Mac or Windows when working through Bluetooth.

It should be noted that Amazon offers full guarantees with a 30-day return period at least and with 2 years warranty, the first being with the manufacturer and the second with them. In the case of AirPods, for example, the first year will be covered by Apple in the same way as if they were purchased at a company store.

The best cheap headphones of the moment

We start with the brand’s headphones Hadisala that logically cannot be compared to AirPods in quality, but despite this they offer a very good sound range considering that they cost only 35 euros. They are of classic button format and offer waterproofing, as well as an autonomy of up to 4 hours uninterrupted.

Hadisala headphones

The Coioc Headphones They are headphones very similar to the AirPods Pro in design and are available now for 25 euros. It offers such interesting functions as playback controls on the headphones themselves, waterproofing against sweat and water and an autonomy of up to 40 hours with recharges in its case.

Coioc headphones

We close this first section of the brand’s headphones Ssmnr which are in the purest in-ear style, with a very small and convenient storage case and headphones that offer up to 4 hours of battery life, which reaches up to 24 hours with recharges in their case (they have fast charging). At the sound level they are one of the best in this price range, since they are worth less than 20 euros.

ssmnr headphones

You can not miss the AirPods

Although Apple has already presented the AirPods 3, there are still very good options in other ranges and especially at a better price. Starting with the AirPods 2, which are on Amazon with an even greater discount than Apple has made them, being able to buy them for 20 euros less. 130 euros of minimum price that supposes a considerable saving compared to the 149 that it costs in Apple and the 179 that they cost just a few days ago.

It should be noted that the version that includes a case with wireless charging capacity has also been lowered to 179 euros, previously costing 229 and having been removed from the Californian company’s catalog.


And if the AirPods Pro, which have noise cancellation, autonomy of up to 5 hours and a design that allows them to be used with pads of different sizes, you can also find more than interesting discounts. They have a 50 euro discount that makes them all a caramelito.

AirPods PRO

And if you want some brand new AirPods Max You should know that they are considerably more expensive, although their headband format and sound experience also improve significantly. In this case you will find discounts of 120 euros in several of its colors.

AirPods Max

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