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pomodoro timer

The Pomodoro technique states that productivity increases substantially if we carry out tasks in periods of time between 20 and 25 minutes in 5-minute rest blocks. One of the extensions that brings this technique to the Edge in the form of an extension is Pomodoro Timer.

This extension allows users to create a 20-minute timer to focus attention on our activity. Once the time has ended, it will emit an audible alert and allow us to establish a break of between 5 and 10 minutes. From the configuration options we cannot modify the time of the activity, 20 minutes, this being one of its most negative points.

We can download the Pomodoro Timer extension through this link.

Focus To-Do

Another of the extensions available in the Edge add-on store that also offers us the Pomodoro technique in Edge is Focus To-Do. Unlike the previous one, with this extension we can set duration both concentration times and rest times. It also allows you to configure the time of the breaks when 4 periods of concentration have been carried out in a row.

Focus To Do

Within the configuration options, we can select from a wide variety of sounds when the programmed time ends, both for rest and concentration, inviting us to continue with our work or study. Focus To-Do is available via this link for free download. It also includes pay-to-unlock options which includes more features, however with the free one it is more than enough for most users.

Extensions to block websites and social networks

If we take into account that social networks are a time sink, and that they can hook us for hours on end, we should consider these types of extensions to reduce our distractions.


One of the best extensions that we can use to focus our activity on what we must do and stop procrastinating regularly is StayFocusd, an extension that allows us to configure the time we can spend on web pages that usually waste our time like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others as long as they are not a fundamental part of our work or study.


Within the configuration options of this extension, we can manually set the time that we can allow ourselves to spend on any web page. Once the established time has elapsed, the screen of our browser will show us a message asking us if we should be working instead of procrastinating.

The StayFocusd extension is available for Edge through this link.


An interesting alternative to the popular StayFocusd is found in Blocksite, an extension with which we can block websites at certain times of time and days of the week, so it is ideal for blocking access to web pages of newspapers and social networks that we want to avoid visiting to distract our attention from our work or study.


Best of all, it allows us to establish a PIN code to unlock access to the extension and eliminate the blocks and limits that we have previously established, a function that we must use hand in hand with another person if we want to get the most out of it. Blocksite is available for download for Edge via this link.

Extensions to correct spelling and grammar

If our keyboard does not work properly, the computer goes with lagwe make more mistakes than usual (both grammatical and spelling) it is necessary to use an extension that helps us reduce time that we lose reviewing the texts we write.

Microsoft Publisher

One of the best extensions to write correctly, without spelling and grammar errors, is the one offered by Microsoft with Microsoft Editor. this extension, analyzes the text we write in real time and underline spelling errors in red and grammatical errors in blue.

Microsoft Publisher

In addition, it also indicates the improvements that we can use in sentences by underlining the text. It is not only available in Spanish, since it is also available in other languages, including, of course, in English, allowing the user to establish multiple languages ​​at once.

It also includes improvements to clarity, vocabulary, conciseness, formal language, and non-discriminatory language, allows synonyms to be shown in spelling suggestions, and creates a list of pages where we don’t want Microsoft Editor to work.

Some of these features are only available to Microsoft 365 users, but those related to spelling and grammar are completely free. You can download this extension from the following link.

Language Tool – Spelling and Grammar Checker

Another interesting option to keep in mind if we want to avoid making spelling and grammar mistakes while working or studying is to use the Language Tool extension. Language Tool offers us spelling and grammar support for more than 25 languagesincluding Spanish, English, French, German, Italian among others.

Language Tool

Unlike Microsoft Editor, for this extension to work, we have to click on its icon in the taskbar. This option is ideal if Microsoft’s option to review the text in real time does nothing more than distract us instead of focusing our attention.

The Language Tool extension is available in the Add-ons for Edge store via this link.

Extensions to manage tasks

When it comes to improving our productivity, we must avoid all kinds of distractions, especially all those that invite us to visit a web page. For this, there are also extensions.

Save to Pocket

GetPocket is a platform that allows us to save links to read later. Thanks to this extension, if we want save the link to a web page that at that moment is not important, we can click on the extension and it is automatically stored in our account.

Save to Pocket

To consult the web pages that we have saved, we can do it directly from our browser or use the application available for mobile devices, an application that also offers us the same function through the Share button.

The use of this application is completely free and we can download it from this link. If we want to underline texts, add annotations and enjoy various additional functions, we must go through the box.


Another interesting option that we have at our disposal to manage links from our browser can be found in Todoist, an application that is also a ccomplete task manager with which we can organize our day to day, establishing schedules and delivery times.

Todoist, like Save to Pocket, are ideal applications to collect information about a job or study without wasting time browsing the internet when we have to focus on our work. Like Pocket, this feature is available for free via the link below. If we want to enjoy all the functions that Todoist offers us, we will have to pay a subscription.

Extensions to manage our time

When it comes to improving productivity, we must bear in mind that it is not a process that is achieved overnight, but that it requires a period of adaptation and extensions that allow us to analyze what we can improve on.

Toogl Track

The Toogl Track extension allows us to track the time we spend on each of the tasks we do on our computer. In this way, once our day has finished, we can check in what type of tasks we have taken more time than necessary to find solutions that allow us to reduce it.

Toogl Track

When clicking on the extension, we must write the name of the task that we are going to carry out so that the timer starts. Once it has finished, we click again on the extension to stop the time and continue counting the time of the next tasks.

This extension integrates with more than 100 applications to export the data it collects such as Todoist, Slack, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Evernote, Gmail among others. The download and use of this extension is completely free through the following link.

Toggl Track: Productivity & Time Tracker
Toggl Track: Productivity & Time Tracker

Clockify Time Tracker

Cockify is another of the extensions that we have at our disposal for Edge (through the Chrome Web Store), with which we can manage the time we dedicate to each of our day-to-day tasks through a browser. Includes a Pomodoro timer, the data you get is integrated with more than 50 websites and applications and also includes a reminder system.


Clockify is an open source extension that we can consult through GitHub. Unlike Toggl Track, this extension is intended to manage and control time individually and not collectively. It includes a complete system of reports that will allow us to find the errors that affect our productivity.

Clockify Time Tracker
Clockify Time Tracker

Extensions to manage social networks

To improve productivity, the first thing we should do is get away from social media altogether. But, if our work depends on them, we also have a solution in the form of an extension.


With the Buffer extension, you do not need to access social networks to post content if we work like community manager or we are in charge of the social networks of our company. Once we have configured access to all the social networks that we use regularly, with Buffer we can make the publications that we want without accessing them directly.


In addition, it allows us to configure the time in which we want to publish or let the application publish them directly. With this extension, we can access a complete report about the impact of our publications (clicks, mentions, likes, shares, etc.). Buffer is available for download through the Microsoft website by clicking on the following link.


With SocialPilot we can also schedule our posts on social networks through this extension without the need to access the website of both Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. The user interface offers us the necessary tools to add all the content that we want to add in a publication.


It allows us to establish an unlimited number of accounts on social networks and creates a complete report on the impact that each of the posts that have been published using this extension has had. To get the most out of it, you need to pay a subscription. The SocialPilot extension is available through the following link.

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