10 Best Icon Packs for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

In short:

  1. Lines — Clean, minimalist line art style with a massive range of icons.
  2. Borealis Vibrant, colorful icons inspired by a Nordic aesthetic.
  3. iUX 11 Style — Best suited to those who like iOS inspired icons.
  4. Pix YouAdapts popular Android icons into a uniform, slightly rounded shape.
  5. Rugos Textured, unique icons for a more distinct look.
  6. Moonshine Large selection of icons with a clean, gradient-friendly style.
  7. Viral — Dark-themed icons with bold, sharp shapes.
  8. One UI Icon Pack — Mimics Samsung’s official icon design, great for consistency.
  9. Reev Pro [Paid] — Sleek, polished icons with a huge number of customization options.
  10. Delta [Paid] — Thousands of icons with a consistent, slightly rounded, and soft-colored look.

Tired of the same old app icons staring back at you? It’s time to inject some personality into your Galaxy S24 Ultra! Icon packs let you transform your phone, adding a touch of elegance, playful design, or whatever style suits your mood. In this article, we list some of best icon packs for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra for better customization and personalization.

10 Best Icon Packs for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
10 Best Icon Packs for Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

From sleek minimalism to vibrant pops of color, or even emulating the style of other operating systems, there’s an icon pack for every taste. The right choice can make your Galaxy S24 Ultra feel fresh and exciting, even if you’ve owned it for a while.

When it comes to customization, icon packs are an awesome things to start. With just a few taps, you can completely change the visual style of your Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Let’s explore some top-notch icon packs that will level up your home screen.

Lines Icon Pack
Lines Icon Pack

1. Lines

If you love a clean and uncluttered home screen, Lines Free is an excellent option. This icon pack transforms your apps into crisp, white line art on a transparent background. Its minimalist style works beautifully with almost any wallpaper, allowing your background image to shine through.

Lines Free boasts a massive library of icons, ensuring even your more niche apps get a sleek makeover. Best of all, as the name suggests, it’s entirely free to use!

Who It’s For

  • Minimalist enthusiasts who prefer a distraction-free look
  • Users who frequently change their wallpapers and want versatile icons
  • Anyone seeking a free, high-quality way to customize their Galaxy S24 Ultra

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Borealis Icon Pack
Borealis Icon Pack

2. Borealis 

Borealis is one of the most popular and well-loved icon packs on the Play Store. This pack has a vast collection of icons, covering thousands of apps for a consistently colorful and stylish look across your Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Its design concept draws inspiration from a Nordic aesthetic, bringing a playful yet polished feel with slightly rounded shapes and bright color palettes.

What makes it great:

  • Huge Icon Library: Reduces the chance of encountering un-themed icons.
  • Regular Updates: New icons and support for the latest apps added consistently.
  • Customization options: Often includes alternative icon versions for a more personalized touch.

Borealis is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a vibrant splash of color to energize their Galaxy S24 Ultra home screen.

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iUX 11 Style Icon Pack
iUX 11 Style Icon Pack

3. iUX 11 Style

If you like Apple’s iPhone icons, iUX 11 Style is a fantastic way to bring that look to your Galaxy S24 Ultra. This popular icon pack meticulously recreates the rounded square shapes and vibrant colors familiar to iPhone users.

With a massive library of over 11,000 icons, it ensures most of your apps will have a matching look, creating a polished and unified home screen.

iUX 11 Style also receives frequent updates, so you can be confident it will stay compatible with the latest apps and Android versions. There’s no doubt that is among the top icon packs for Galaxy S24 Ultra smartphone.

Key Features:

  • iOS-inspired design for a familiar yet fresh feel
  • Huge icon collection for comprehensive coverage
  • Regular updates for compatibility and new icons

Best For:

  • Android users who love the sleekness of Apple’s interface
  • Those seeking a consistent visual style across most of their apps
  • People who want a well-maintained icon pack

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Pix You Icon Pack
Pix You Icon Pack

4. Pix You

Pix You offers a clean and consistent look for your Galaxy S24 Ultra. It takes your existing app icons and reshapes them slightly, adding rounded corners and a subtle background for a uniform appearance.

This pack is ideal for anyone who loves the general style of Android icons but wishes they had a more streamlined, cohesive aesthetic. Pix You also comes in both light and dark variations, allowing you to match your phone’s overall theme.

Key Features:

  • Adaptive Icon Support: Ensures icons look consistent across different apps.
  • Large Icon Library: Covers a wide range of popular apps.
  • Light & Dark Themes: Options for different preferences.

Who’s It For?

  • Android purists who want a refined icon style.
  • Users who prefer a less drastic change to their home screen.
  • Anyone who loves a clean, organized look.

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Rugos Icon Pack
Rugos Icon Pack

5. Rugos

If you’re looking to break free from the standard smooth and polished icon designs, Rugos offers a refreshing dose of texture into your Galaxy S24 Ultra’s home screen.

Each icon features a detailed, almost hand-drawn style, adding a touch of visual depth and personality that sets it apart from the crowd.

Rugos offers a wide variety of icons to ensure most of your apps get a makeover. The textured style works surprisingly well with different color palettes, making it a versatile choice for those who like to change up their wallpapers frequently.

Key Points:

  • Unique textured design that brings a distinct, handcrafted feel.
  • Good range of icons for broad compatibility.
  • Flexible aesthetic that works with various wallpaper styles.

Note: To use Rugos and most other icon packs, you’ll likely need a third-party launcher like Nova Launcher, which provides more customization options than Samsung’s default One UI.

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Moonshine Icon Pack
Moonshine Icon Pack

6. Moonshine

If you love vibrant colors and a modern, clean aesthetic, Moonshine is an excellent choice for your Galaxy S24 Ultra. This icon pack offers a massive library of icons, ensuring that most of your favorite apps will get a fresh, gradient-infused makeover.

Moonshine’s strength lies in its simplicity and consistency. Icons feature subtle shadows and rounded shapes, creating a cohesive look across your home screen.

The splashes of color add visual interest without being overwhelming, making Moonshine a great option if you want a touch of personality without sacrificing a streamlined appearance.

Key Features:

  • Huge icon selection
  • Gradient-friendly design
  • Clean and modern aesthetic
  • Regularly updated

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Viral Icon Pack
Viral Icon Pack

7. Viral 

If you seek a dark, striking look, Viral icon pack is best for you. This icon pack transforms your apps with sharp angles, solid color fills, and a distinct sense of attitude. It’s perfect for those who want their Galaxy S24 Ultra to exude a modern, edgy vibe.

Viral includes a vast library of icons to ensure a consistent look across most of your apps. It also offers frequent updates and compatibility with popular third-party launchers for added customization options.

Best For:

  • Fans of dark themes and minimalist designs.
  • Users who want a bold departure from the standard rounded icon styles.
  • Those who prioritize customizing their launcher experience for additional tweaks.

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One UI Icon Pack
One UI Icon Pack

8. One UI Icon Pack

If you love the clean, simple look of Samsung’s official One UI design, this icon pack faithfully recreates it. It’s perfect for users who want a seamless experience and prefer to avoid drastic visual changes.

The One UI Icon Pack aims to cover a wide range of popular apps, ensuring that most of your home screen maintains a cohesive appearance.

Some versions of this icon pack offer a degree of customization, such as alternate icon shapes or color accents, adding a touch of personalization while keeping the core One UI aesthetic.

Best For:

  • Users who enjoy Samsung’s design language and want a streamlined look.
  • Those who prioritize consistency over radical visual overhauls.
  • People who want the customization options of a third-party launcher but don’t want to stray too far from the familiar One UI experience.

Reev Pro Icon Pack
Reev Pro Icon Pack

9. [Paid] Reev Pro

Although, there’s no doubt that free Icon packs should satisfy your most needs. However, if you need more than that, you should get a premium icon pack.

Reev Pro stands out as one of the most polished and customizable icon packs available. It boasts a sleek, minimalist design with subtle shadows and a focus on white outlines.

Since it’s paid icon app, users have an incredible amount of control, with options to alter icon shapes, sizes, and even add subtle background colors.

Reev Pro also includes a massive library of themed icons, ensuring a consistent look across most apps. If precise customization and a clean aesthetic are your priorities, Reev Pro is a premium choice with plenty to offer.

Key Points:

  • Highly customizable for a tailored look
  • White outline aesthetic for a clean, modern feel
  • Large library of themed icons for consistency
  • Premium (paid) option

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Delta Icon Pack
Delta Icon Pack

10. [Paid] Delta

Delta stands out as one of the most popular premium icon packs, and for good reason. Its thousands of icons boast a consistent design – slightly rounded, with soft colors and subtle gradients. This creates a polished and modern look that blends well with many wallpapers and themes.

Delta’s strength lies in its options. With masking for unthemed icons and a vast library of alternatives, you can fine-tune the look across your entire app collection. It also offers a dedicated search function and regular updates, ensuring compatibility with the latest apps.

Key Features:

  • Over 7,000 high-quality icons
  • Icon masking and alternatives for customization
  • Built-in icon request tool
  • Cloud-based wallpapers
  • Compatible with most popular launchers

Best For: Users who want a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing look, paired with a high degree of customization control.

What Are You Waiting For?

Icon packs are a simple, a good way to give a new look to your Galaxy S24 Ultra, with so many incredible icon packs at your fingertips, it’s time to experiment and make your phone truly reflect your style. Pick one that catches your eye, install it, and witness the transformation. You might be surprised how a fresh look can reinvigorate your entire phone experience.

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