Best Internet Browsers for Android in 2022

Welcome to our selection of the best Internet browsers on Android in 2022. In this file, we will introduce you to a series of browsers, from the well-known to the most unknown, in order to allow you to select yours. Follow the leader !

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On the Google Play Store, you can find a lot of Internet browsers for your Android smartphone or tablet. Please note that not all browsers will suit you. It’s all about finding the one that has the features you’re looking for and whose interface you like the most.

Google Chrome: the king of the jungle

google chrome
Credits: Pixabay

We obviously start with a classic: Google Chrome. The home solution integrated by Google does not lack advantages: it allows for example to synchronize your history and your tabs with the desktop version of Google Chrome. To take advantage of the latest innovations before others, we invite you to download the versions under development of Chrome, which are accessible via the Beta section of the Google Play Store: Chrome Beta, Chrome Dev and Chrome Canary. We recommend Chrome Beta instead, which remains more stable than the others. However, if you want to prioritize stability over novelty, Google Chrome will do the job just fine.

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Firefox is also extensions


Unlike many browsers for Android, Firefox makes it easy to install extensions, just like our desktop browser. In the same vein, it is possible to install themes, to personalize your browser a little more. Like Chrome, Firefox also allows you to synchronize your history and your favorite tabs with your desktop browser. A must if you already use Firefox on your computer.

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Firefox Focus: the browser to protect your privacy

firefox focus

If Firefox already offers an experience focused on data security, the Mozilla Firefox Foundation also offers Firefox Focus. With this version of the browser, privacy is at the center of the experience: automatic blocking of advertising, statistics and social network trackers, prohibition of cookies and blocking of JavaScript and advertisements, Firefox Focus offers everything you need to surf without risking having this data looted. We will also appreciate the simple and uncluttered interface, without frills, which will appeal to users looking for an efficient browser that goes straight to the point.

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Opera: fluid, it can by default force the display of the PC version of websites

opera android

Opera is a popular browser for Android users. First, because it’s a fluid browser, and it includes a pop-up ad blocker. But not only. Many users indeed appreciate being able to display websites in the PC version by default. And that, added to its neat ergonomics and its many features, clearly make it one of the best options currently available.

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Microsoft Edge: the proposal of the American giant

microsoft edge
Credits: Microsoft

Since moving to Chromium, Edge has managed to carve out a place for itself in the busy internet browser market. It must be said that the browser has several strings to its bow: the synchronization between devices which makes it possible to find its navigation data between its smartphone and its PC for example, the multitude of navigation tools (multitasking in the form of tabs, mode InPrivate, ability to save sites visited as favorites), an intuitive and efficient interface (voice search, text reading aloud, search by QR Code, etc.). Microsoft Edge quickly made people forget Internet Explorer, and that’s not a bad thing.

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Brave: number one in privacy

brave android browser

We find behind Brave a certain Brendan Eich, who is none other than the creator of co-founder of Firefox. That’s why Brave centers its experience first and foremost around data security and privacy. Management of passwords, history, downloads, payment methods and addresses, default blocking of advertising tracers, scripts and cookies, HTTPS everywhere module to offer an encrypted connection on all the sites visited , Brave does not mess with the security of its users’ data. What’s more, the browser offers excellent performance in terms of speed and fluidity. A safe bet.

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Tor Browser: access .onion files and truly surf incognito

Thanks to the Tor Browser, you will be able to surf the Internet incognito! It allows you to browse the web by preventing your personal data from being collected and by blocking intrusive advertisements and trackers. Tor Browser is also equipped with a VPN and a Proxy, which will allow you to surf the Tor network. To protect your privacy online, this is the browser we recommend!

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DuckDuck Go: unfailing speed

duckduck go

What a long way for this browser extension, which has become one of the most popular browsers with users today. It must be said that DuckDuck Go offers a simple, intuitive experience, for fast and traceless navigation. Proof of this is with the absence of browsing history, data synchronization, or the encryption of the mandatory connection in HTTPS for compatible sites. We also appreciate the site rating system introduced by the developers, which makes it possible to determine at a glance the level of security and confidentiality offered by the site you are visiting.

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