Best places to locate an AirTag

AirTags are one of the strangest devices that a user can buy, since everyone really wants to never have to use them. Its use entails, in most cases, having a hard time because its function is to find something that you have lost. For this reason, in this post we will tell you which are the best locations to place you or your AirTags.

Put your AirTag here

AirTags by themselves are really useless, since what you have to do to get the most out of them is to place them in the key points. The function of these small devices is to be able to find others to which they are attached, so knowing where to put them and where not to put them is very important so that the investment you have made in them can really bring you those benefits in moments of tension in which you will have to use them. Here are several ideas of where you can put you or your Airtag.

  • in a backpack where you take your work equipment or the clothes you are going to use during your weekend getaway. The backpack is one of the places where it is most common to find an AirTag, since it is also something that is prone to being forgotten in a cafeteria, office or even in your own car.

  • in your travel bag. Travel is always a time of stress, no one wants to forget anything they may need during those days of disconnection, and that is exactly where an AirTag can help you the most, especially if you tend to be a clueless person. Our recommendation is that you place it within it.
  • The keys they are that type of object that is always at risk of being forgotten anywhere or even falling out of the pocket or bag where you carry them. Therefore, if you can also include an AirTag with your keychain, you will avoid spending hours looking for your keys and you will be able to find them much faster.
  • Inside the car It is another of the strategic places where you can locate this small gadget. It is rare for your car to be stolen, but if this happens, the AirTag can help you a lot to find it later. It can even help you remember where you parked it.
  • Next to a very valuable product or object. Whenever you leave home and take with you something of great economic or sentimental value, the possibility of attaching an AirTag to it is a very good idea.

Are they really of any use?

Of course yes, this question is asked by many people the first time they hear about these devices, but For them to really work, you have to use them correctly. and, above all, to really know what they are for and how they work, since not all users are fully aware of the type of product it is.

iPhone and AirTagThe AirTag is not a GPS locatorIn fact, if this were the case, we assure you that their price would be much higher. The way AirTags provide location is through the Apple devices around them. For this reason, in large cities it is much more useful than in small towns, since the number of Apple products is much greater in large crowds of people.

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