Best radar warning devices on Android: the top applications

For your next summer vacation, you may be looking for radar warning devices on your Android smartphone, which allow you to report the presence of speed controls but also accidents. We offer you a selection of the best applications of its kind.

For those accustomed to car journeys, nothing beats a good horn, just to drive with a free mind. The idea here is not to encourage exceeding speed limits. Absolutely not. But the presence of speed cameras on the holiday route can give rise to dangerous behavior. Who has never seen motorists pound when approaching a radar fearing to exceed the maximum authorized speed by 1 or 2 km/h? Most of these solutions also offer to warn users in the event of an accident or blocked road.

With this small comparison, you will therefore discover the best on Android with a selection just for your little eyes attentive to all the dangers on the road. If Google Maps has been used to report speed cameras for a few years, this feature is not available in France. If you are looking for the right application for reporting risk areas, here is our selection. Again, this does not allow you to break any security rules. Stay cautious! So here is our top radar warning devices.

Comparison of speed cameras on Android

Whether you are looking for a free application or a paid application with additional services, you will find what you are looking for on the Google Play Store. Following the laws passed in recent years, you will no longer find them under the name ” radar warning devices since these applications have become illegal under this term. It is now a matter of ” driver assistance tools ”, which thus indicate danger zones. And which indirectly signals the presence of speed cameras.

1- Paid applications

Coyote: GPS Navigation & Radar

It is surely the best known radar warning device, and for good reason it is one of the first. Its great strength is its community. Each of the users can report accidents, works, fixed and mobile speed cameras, works, etc. This richness and the mutual help of users make it an infallible companion on the road and mix the information of users of boxes and the application. The interface is very pleasant and iCoyote uses data from Here Maps to which it adds its own. Ingenious!

An Android version is very complete, but you will have to pay the price, this being the most expensive application on the market. The app is free for 30 days. If you want to continue the adventure, you will have to pay 49.99 euros per year, or 6 months + 6 months free, or 11.99 euros per month. The most expensive, but also the most complete that exists.

Coyote: Android GPS Navigation & Radar


Download Coyote: GPS Navigation & Radar for Android

Note : ★★★★

(49934 votes)

Developer Coyote Group | Updated on 04/13/2022

1.2. TomTom Go Navigation

TomTom Go brings together a large community made up of Android and iOS users, but also those who own the brand’s car GPS. The application allows you to save your mobile data by downloading offline maps, which are updated regularly. TomTom offers an optimal driving experience with the signaling of danger zones in real time, but also the provision of practical traffic information for motorists.

The application is paid and requires a subscription. However, it is possible to take advantage of a free 30-day trial period. As for prices, it costs €3.99 for a month or €19.99 if you take the annual subscription, which comes to €1.66 per month.

TomTom GO Navigation Android


Download TomTom GO Navigation for Android

Note : ★★★★

(211102 votes) | Maps and navigation

Release 3.4.7 | Developer TomTom International BV | Updated on 07/04/2022

Requirements: 5.0 or later

2 – Free apps


Waze is a community-based GPS application. As for driving assistance and radar warning, the features are available. You can be warned of danger zones in both directions of traffic and be informed about the price of fuel, work on the road or the presence of police.

At the level of reported mobile radars, we still fall one level below Coyote. But let’s keep in mind that Waze is a free app that does both GPS and driver assistance tool, which makes it a very interesting alternative with a very large community. Its complete and versatile side will delight users who wish to have only one app of its kind on their smartphone. The ergonomics of the application is certainly not perfect, a defect partly due to the wealth of information provided, but you get used to it all the same.

Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic & Live Navigation Android


Download Waze – GPS, Maps, Traffic & Live Navigation for Android

Note : ★★★★

(8509903 votes) | Maps and navigation

Release | Developer Waze | Updated on 04/10/2022

Requirements: 5.0 or later



CamSam is one of the most effective speed camera warning devices in the Google Play Store. The application is free and provides signaling of fixed and mobile speed cameras, traffic jams, accidents, works and other road hazards in real time. The great strength of the application is the very reactive updating of new data collected. A visual and audible alert is triggered when you approach hazards.

CamSam claims over millions of active users. It is free but also exists in a paid version for 4.15 euros with the possibility of switching the interface to landscape mode, using a widget, sending alerts through your car radio via HFP and A2D, etc. This is a great idea to support the team behind the development.

Speed ​​cameras France - CamSam Android


Download Radars France – CamSam for Android

Note : ★★★★

(58693 votes) | Maps and navigation

Release 3.7.6 | Developer Eifrig Media GmbH | Updated on 02/22/2021

Requirements: 4.4 or later

Fixed and Mobile Speed ​​Cameras

Fixed and mobile radars

Another alternative, Fixed and Mobile Speed ​​Cameras is also a handy little tool for detecting speed cameras. The navigation options are not incredible compared to what Waze can offer, for example, but it plays its main role well: to warn you when you are approaching a speed camera. It is indicated for all fixed speed cameras but also manages mobile speed cameras. In weak point, it has a much smaller community than popular applications like Waze, TomTom or Coyote.

Android Fixed and Mobile Speed ​​Cameras


Download Fixed and Mobile Speed ​​Cameras for Android

Note : ★★★★

(13539 votes)

Developer bigDream Corporation | Updated on 04/19/2022

So much for our section of best radar detectors on android. Paid applications are often much more complete than free ones, but not everyone is ready to pay for this type of service. Everyday motorists will probably be much more tempted to pay for an application they use every day. But if you are looking for a free solution, Waze is a safe bet even if the other apps in our selection are not unworthy.

If you have comments to make on the applications or to share your experience of certain speed camera warning devices, do not hesitate to let us know. You can also find our top GPS apps for Android.

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