Best sports extensions for Microsoft Edge

If, even so, we want to use it, we can activate it without problems through the configuration options of the extensions, activating the switch located to the right of its name.

Sports Extensions for Edge

Despite the large amount of money that sports in general move, very few are the media that bet on extensions to quickly inform their users from a browser, directing their efforts to applications for mobile devices. However, in this article we have compiled the extensions available in Chrome and that are compatible with Edge that is still working today to know the latest news and sports results.

365Scores for all sports

First we talk about 365 Scores, one of the extensions more complete available in the Chrome Web Store and with which we can find out the sports results in real time for all sports, especially soccer.

Thanks to this extension, it is not necessary to be aware of different web pages to know the latest sports results up to the minute, we just have to click on the extension in our browser and wait for it to display the information that we have previously configured.

Within the configuration options, we can establish a series of sound alerts based on goals scored, red cards, penalties, yellow cards, start and end of the match, when the line-ups are announced… if we talk about football. But, it also allows us to set different alerts for tennis, basketball, hockey, rugby, handball, volleyball, baseball and cricket matches.

It allows us to configure the application so that it shows us information in real time of up to 10 different sports such as soccer, basketball, tennis, handball, rugby from more than 10,000 teams from all over the world. One of the strengths of this application is how easy it is to configure it to get the most out of it. If it will allow us to follow the results of the Olympic Games in real time, it would be the perfect sports extension.

The 365Scores – Live Scores and Sport News extension is available in the Chrome Web Store via the following link. All the configuration options are available in Spanish, so there is no language barrier when it comes to configuring it and getting the most out of it that we want.

365Scores - Live Scores and Sports News
365Scores - Live Scores and Sports News

Enhanced ESPN NBA

Behind this extension, as we can well deduce from the name, is the Disney ESPN platform, the sports channel par excellence in practically the entire world, although it is better known and more popular in the United States.

Thanks to the Enhanced ESPN NBA extension we can access the sports results of NBA teams Instantly. It also allows us to access the statistics of the matches and the players, the evaluations of the sports press, the match schedule.

NBA Sports Extension

The number of customization options that the Enhanced ESPN NBA extension makes available to us is quite limited, since it only focuses on the NB sports results by Conference and Divisions. However, one of its most interesting points that also allows us to access the historical resultsboth in the preseason and in the regular league from 2002 to the present.

The Enhanced ESPN NBA extension is available through the Chrome Web Store.

Enhanced ESPN NBA box score
Enhanced ESPN NBA box score

LiveScore.BZ football sports results

The LiveScore.BZ extension is the best available for both Edge and Chrome to see live sports scores from all football competitions around the world. The extension shows in real time, the results and minutes of play. In addition, it also shows, for a few seconds, which player has scored a goal when we are consulting the extension.

Edge LiveScore extension

By clicking on the match that interests us the most, we have access to all the match data, such as the changes that have been made and when they have been made, the number of yellow and red cards along with who has received them, the number of goals and who has scored them and, as if that were not enough, the match statistics (number of corners, offsides, passes, shots on goal).

LiveScore.BZ is available for download from the Chrome Web Store by clicking on the following link.

LiveScore.BZ - Live Football Scores
LiveScore.BZ - Live Football Scores

Click and Roll for NBA Stats

Another extension for NBA lovers who can’t stop using it is found in Click and Roll. Click and Roll is an extension available on the Edge Add-ons website, which analyzes the web pages we visit to find and link to the names of more than 4,500 recent and old basketball players.

The operation is so simple to pass the mouse over the name of the player that highlights the extension on the web where we are to access your statistics available in the Basketball Association of America database which began storing records in 1946.

Sports Extension Click and Roll

Within the configuration options, we can create a white list and a black list of web pages where we want the extension to show us links to player information. Without a doubt, Click and Roll is one of the best extensions for NBA lovers who use Microsoft’s Edge as their browser.

You can download and install this extension from the following link.

Latest Hockey Headline

If instead of basketball, the sport you like the most is Hockey, in the Chrome Web Store you also have at your disposal an extension to satisfy your curiosity about the latest movements in this sport. With the Latest Hockey Headline extension, we can access the latest articles published on the TSN website, articles, videos and audios in podcast format.

Hockey Sports Extension

Although from its website we can access the sports results of the matches held, unfortunately, the extension does not allow us to access this information, this being one of the most negative points of this extension. If we take into account that the number of extensions available that only talk about Hockey is very small, it will always be better than nothing.

You can download the Latest Hockey Headlines extension via the following link to the Chrome Web Store.

Latest Hockey Headlines
Latest Hockey Headlines

Are you watching this? for american sports

One of the sports extensions for both Edge Chromium and Chrome is Are you watching this? as long as you are interested in the latest news and sports results from the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL and other American leagues, including soccer.

From the extension’s configuration options, we can select which sports we want to get the latest news from. In addition, it allows us to establish a series of alerts to know at all times when a match begins and ends, changes in the scoreboard, rest periods, among others.

Sports Edge Extensions

Being an extension that is based on US sports, if you like European or Latin soccer, this extension is of little use, since it reports none of these leagues and the latest news related to their teams. The extension Are you ready for this? is available for download from the Chrome Web Store.

Are You Watching This?!
Are You Watching This?!

Best sports extensions

If we talk about sports extensions for both Edge and Chrome, as you have seen in this article, the number of options is very small. Although we can find a large number of extensions in the Chrome Web Store, most of them have not been updated for many years and do not even link correctly to the original website.

The best extension if you want to be informed of all the sports results in real time is 365Scores thanks to its sound notification system, although not for users with heart problems.

If we only want to be informed of the sports results of all the soccer leagues and competitions throughout the world, the extension live score is the one you are looking for, an application with a very simple, clear and concise interface.

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