Best websites to watch movies online for free

Watch movies online

The home theater has become part of our usual comforts, and the websites to watch free movies online They are the best alternative to achieve it.

Yes, you read that right! free and online two words that go together very well for lovers of internet entertainment.

Technology advances and it is becoming easier and more accessible to enjoy our favorite movies from the comfort of our homes. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all the sites we find on the internet are safe and legal.

On this occasion, I bring you a list of the best websites to watch movies online for free where we wanted to include the most reliable and high quality.

Let’s start…


Formerly known as Grouper and designed as a social network for file sharing, it expanded by incorporating video formats. Now it is Crackle, an excellent option for watch movies and series online.

This company is a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment and has a wide catalog of high-quality movies and TV shows. Although it was free at first, now it requires a monthly subscription, which you can also use in iOS devices.


Movies online Popcornflix

It is a free streaming platform It offers a wide variety of movies and TV series. Popcornflix is ​​owned by Screen Media Ventures and has a catalog of more than 1,500 movies, mainly from independent production companies.

As we already told you, its use is free and you can access without subscription or registration. You have the option of downloading the application on iOS devices with which you can access from your mobile or synchronize with Apple TV or any other device.

tube tv

another platform free streaming that is positioned very well in the preference of users is TubiTV.

between the best free online movie websites, although it also includes series, documentaries and a wide variety of content in its huge library. Access is free, although advertising is always present.

To use TubiTV you have the application for iOS devices on the App Storeso the entertainment goes with you wherever you go.


on this platform owned by Walmart, you find free online movies and payment programs. TV-Vudu is ideal for those who want to watch something very specific without the need for a monthly subscription to a service.

Although some of the titles require a payment to be watched, while its section of free movies and TV shows are ad-supported.

It has its own application for iOS devices, although it is available only for the United States and Canada, can work with vpn and the contents are mostly in English.


IMDb TV streaming services

This is the Amazon’s free streaming service called IMDbTV. Where you find a large number of TV shows of different genres. requires a amazon account to be used, but it is one of the best websites to watch movies online completely free.

In addition to access through the official website, it only has a mobile application for Amazon Fire TV devices.

pluto tv

has become one of the popular movie websitesboth for its variety and the access facilities offered by Pluto TV.

Enjoy their titles in streaming or under the modality on request. No registration or subscription required. So practically, it is direct cinema to your iOS mobile device or on your computer.

legally free

This website answers the eternal question about free movie platforms. Legally Free brings together a collection of content whose copyright has expiredfor which it is allowed to see them on YouTube or any other platform.

You save the search work, by organizing everything allowed in a catalog by genre, author and movie names. It’s worth checking out a bit, you’ll be surprised at the interesting classics that Legally Free offers.

Are online movie websites legal?

Illegal Cinema

The best known and recommended on this list offer content free and totally legal. Either because they have acquired the rights, which we pay indirectly by viewing advertising, or with their payment options.

Although, if you find a site that offers you the latest movie on the global billboard, probably not free and much less legal. So, you can already start to suspect.

Final Considerations

It is important to mention that these sites offer Free, high-quality contentbut unfortunately, access to the platform or for some titles is not always allowed in all countries.

For the rest, they are online entertainment alternatives, which sometimes allow downloads to take advantage of your break with something different. Without a doubt, the best options to watch movies online for free. So enjoy the cinema from the comfort of your home!

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