Beta 9 tvOS 15 for developers and new firmware for AirTags

We don’t seem to have an established cap on developer beta versions, and in this case tvOS 15 new beta version reaches number nine. We have never seen so many developer betas before which means that Apple is changing the way it does things and it seems that it does not release final versions or Release Candidate (RC) versions without having everything in order.

On the other hand, the ninth beta version of tvOS 15 does not come alone and is accompanied by a new firmware version for AirTags. These small but interesting Apple locator devices hit the market with force and today there are thousands of users around the world who use them.

We can be reassured that the new features added in both cases are not too striking and less when what they show in their notes are mainly details and improvements in stability, security and reliability. We can say that they are new versions to correct bugs. The new build for Apple AirTags is 1A291e, previously it was version 1A291c.

How to check if the AirTag is up to date?

The task may seem complicated but nothing is further from reality in this case we have to use the iPhone for it and we are going to show you how to do it. The first thing we have to do is enter the Search application. Now once we are inside the Search application at the bottom we find several menus and we have to click on «Objects».

Once we have simply clicked we have to touch on the name that we have given to our AirTag and there again we will click on the name At the top, you will see how the serial number and firmware of your AirTag appear.

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