Bethesda stops its PC launcher, where to find its games?

The studio announces the permanent and imminent closure of What does this mean for your games and where to find them on PC?

Bethesda, which was bought by Microsoft almost a year ago, announces some bad news to some of its players. Indeed, the studio reveals that its PC launcher,, will soon close its doors, and this permanently. If this closure will be gradual, and should not be effective before May, Bethesda nevertheless prefers to prepare its players for a migration of their games.

In the press release that accompanies the news, the studio does not mention its reasons for its choice and provides many details on the procedure to follow for all those who currently use the launcher. Therefore, a complete FAQ is already available, and it answers all the questions you may have. We take stock here of the main aspects to be taken into account.

When will the launcher close?

This is the most important information revealed by Bethesda. It is from the month of May that players will no longer be able to access the launcher, so you only have two months left to get used to it. However, it is from April that you can start migrating your games, if you are ever a regular user of the launcher. For this, Bethesda recommends using Steam.

Although this news may be heartbreaking, a page turner, it is surely the perfect opportunity to centralize your PC activities and group your games in one place for greater ease of access.

How to move games to Steam?

For the moment, the studio has not yet shared the approach that will allow you to move your games to Valve’s platform, but it intends to do so in the coming weeks. However, the company explains: your purchases may be transferred to your Steam account. Many game saves will also transfer, but some will require manual copying.

For now, we expect most saves to be transferable either automatically or manually, with the exception of Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which is currently not transferable. Virtual currency balances, DLCs and in-game skins will be transferred automatically. ยป

If the firm has thought of everything, know that you will not be able to transfer your saves to other platforms or launchers than Steam, so this limits your options. Especially since if you do not have a Steam account, you will have to create one. You will also not be able to delete your account since it will be used to connect to the online services of many of the studio’s games.

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