Better organize your ebooks in Caliber with these metadata changes

As a general rule we keep our ebooks on your PC’s disk drives or on external hard drives, for example. How could it be otherwise, we try to structure them in the best possible way, but over time we tend to forget. Keep in mind that on certain occasions we are going to get together with hundreds or thousands of these saved files. Hence, the need to use a program like the aforementioned Caliber is extremely important, something that we will appreciate over time.

This is an open source program that offers us a good number of functions that will help us manage as many libraries as we want. For this, it offers us several functions and characteristics that facilitate these tasks, although it will also depend on our use of the application. When it comes to managing these electronic books that we have stored on our computers in the most correct way, a very important element is known as metadata.

Why metadata is important in ebooks and Caliber

These are internal data that are not usually seen but that help organize and manage all kinds of content. Something about that something we should know is that these metadata that we refer to are not limited to e-books. This is found in a multitude of content and files such as photos, videos, text documents of all kinds, etc. In fact, on certain occasions we must take certain precautions with their automatic integration.

For example, to take a picture with the mobile at home, among these metadata we can find the current location of the device. Therefore, if we make that image public without removing certain metadata, anyone could know where our home is, for example. But we do know how to organize and use these elements properly, they will be very helpful in organizational tasks like this.

Access metadata customization options

How could it be otherwise, among the many functionalities that Caliber offers us, we find some related to these internal elements. For example, we can customize which ones will be included or which will be downloaded for each of our titles.

For all this, the first thing we will do is go to the Preferences section of the program as such. In the new window that appears we find a shortcut that reads Metadata download, which is precisely where we click. Next, in the new window that appears, we must take into account several sections that we will see below.

Customize the use of hidden data in Caliber

The first thing we do is select the source sources from which the metadata of our library content will be downloaded. Here we find proposals of the importance of Google, Amazon or Open Library. In this sense, we can also give more or less priority to each of the sources cited.

On the other hand, from this same configuration window we can establish the types of fields of this hidden data that we want to download for our ebooks. everything will depend on the type of organization that we want to carry out later.

Here we find the fields of author, date, comments, series, valuation, etc. So we only have to mark those that we want to download, or those that we do not. We can also customize the placement of the name and surname, the format of this metadata, add comments or replace.

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