Better than AirPods? These Sony are now on sale

Although AirPods tend to be the preferred option when it comes to headphones for iPhone, the truth is that we can find other options worth considering. This is the case of Sony, one of the most popular brands in the field of sound and which now offers three pairs of discounted headphones. And yes, they are different from AirPods, but at the quality level they have a lot to say as well.

It should be noted that all offers are available at Amazon, therefore having 3 year warranty and all the advantages for customers of this store in terms of payment security and shipments. In fact, they’re all available right now with immediate shipping for Prime customers.

The recent WF1000XM4 for 95 euros less

Hitting the market last summer, these are Sony’s most recent high-end earphones. With a very compact design and a wide variety of interchangeable rubber bands, they fit very well in the ear and offer very interesting sound options such as the Noise Cancellation or a microphone which, despite not being one of the best, does surpass that of the AirPods. Now is with 94 euros discountand immediate shipments due to having stock.

Almost a 50% discount on the WF1000XM3

These are the predecessors of the previous headphones, offering a different design, but just as comfortable and practical. Although it is true that at the sound level there are improvements in the new ones, these have not been far behind and can be purchased for 120 euros less than they originally cost. They also have sound cancellation and excellent quality when it comes to playing all kinds of music.

sony wf1000xm3

The cheapest option of all

Finally we find the Sony WFC500, headphones that are in the mid-range. And despite being a step below the previous ones, it does not mean that they are bad headphones. At the sound level they continue to offer very good quality and stand out above all for their compact design and to have 20 hours of autonomy. If we also take into account that they are discounted and cost 66 eurostemporarily, they become a real bargain to consider.

sony wfc500

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