Better than for the sales, this iPhone 8 is given to you free

Are you disappointed with the quality of the sales in general? RED by SFR offers you a SHOCK deal. It gives you a free iPhone 8 if you take a plan in exchange. We explain to you why this is an absolutely crazy offer.

The sales are a wonderful opportunity to save money on all types of products. But when RED by SFR takes part in the dance with its rare operation called RED Deal, no one can beat him anymore. At the moment, and for a very short time, it allows you to receive a free iPhone 8. Certainly, it is a model which is reconditioned, but it is certified in very good condition.

The RED Deal operation is broken down into two parts: there is a smartphone like this iPhone 8 that is offered, and in return, the customer must take a mobile plan. That said, we will demonstrate to you below by the calculations that this offer is irresistible. She hardly ever shows up, so it is important not to let her pass.

I take advantage of the free iPhone 8

RED Deals are among the most popular offers in telecoms. In 80% of cases, it disappears even before the official end of the operation. With this iPhone 8 of this quality, it is very likely that the operator will end the offer before Monday (January 17) which is the official date. Once the stock is gone, it will no longer be possible to take advantage of this benefit.

Why is this offer CRAZY?

RED by SFR very rarely presents RED Deals. And when they concern a smartphone as popular (and as expensive) as the iPhone 8, there is a real interest in taking advantage of them. Whether you need a new plan or not, the math speaks for itself. This is what we will explain to you now.

The smartphone that is included as a bonus in this offer is a refurbished iPhone 8 with 64 GB of storage. Small important point to keep in mind, it is a device which has been certified in “very good condition”. So you don’t have any scratches on the screen and the battery is over 80% of the original. In short, it’s a phone that is on the best refurbished standard on the market.

This smartphone is available at a price of 269 euros on many reconditioned platforms (Back Market type). In other words, RED by SFR gives you a gift of 269 euros if you opt for this RED Deal with iPhone 8. However, as we have indicated, you have to take in return a package over a period of 24 months.

This package in question costs 15 euros per month and includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 100 GB in France. As a bonus, you also receive a 15 GB envelope in the EU and overseas departments. Calls, SMS and MMS are also unlimited from these regions. In general, this subscription is sold for 20 euros per month, so you save money. You will need to commit to 24 months for this subscription.

By doing the math, you therefore have a package that costs you 15 euros x 24 months = 360 euros on one side. On the other hand, you have an iPhone 8 which is offered to you at the price of 269 euros. In reality, you are therefore going to have to go out only 91 euros over the entire period for this mobile plan. It will then be necessary to assume that you will resell the iPhone 8 to collect the profit of 269 euros generated by the sale.

I take advantage of the free iPhone 8

For a 100 GB plan at 91 euros over 24 months, this therefore amounts to 3.80 euros per month. Clearly, you won’t find such a subscription anywhere else, over such a period, for such a price. For example, B & You currently offers 100 GB for 12.99 euros. Likewise, if you take a classic 100 GB package from RED by SFR, it will cost you 13 euros per month. In short, the economy is gigantic.

RED by SFR regales with this iPhone 8

Admittedly, the iPhone 8 is already several years old, but it is still positioned as a premium smartphone today. It is the last of the Apple generation to still have a physical button to navigate from one interface to another. There is a 4.7-inch screen for a weight of only 148 grams. For a long time, Apple was satisfied with a single photo sensor on the front and back of the phone. The result is convincing. We also like the operating system and the entire Apple environment (iOS).

We remind you that this iPhone 8 is reconditioned but that it is in very good condition. To top it off, RED by SFR also adds a 24-month warranty on the product. Once you order it and receive it at your doorstep, you then have 14 days to change your mind. This allows you to take no risk and validate the product.

Are you ready to change your plan and take advantage of this RED Deal? You just have to fill out the form on the operator’s website. If you want to keep your current number when you change operator, you will have to enter the RIO code. Once your order has been placed (you will have to add 10 euros for a SIM card), RED by SFR undertakes to deliver your iPhone 8 to you within 48 hours of your order. Then it’s officially yours.

To take advantage of the RED Deal, it’s here:

I take advantage of the free iPhone 8

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