Between Bouygues Telecom and the deputies, things go badly in the National Assembly

Bouygues Telecom is the new official telephone operator of the National Assembly. The deputies seem dissatisfied with the company’s services, a shame for a chamber that so often legislates on the Internet and communications.

Credit: National Assembly

If the deputies torment themselves all day long under the ceilings of the National Assembly, there is one subject on which they all seem to agree: the poor quality of their official telephone service provider, Bouygues Telecom. The quality of network coverage within the confines of the Palais Bourbon and the slowness of intervention by the company’s after-sales service are in question. In his defense, like all the other operators, Bouygues Telecom is often the victim of breakdowns.

At each term, the Assembly provides telephone subscriptions to elected officials and their collaborators. And even if this contract with the Parliament is subjected each year to a call for tenders, it is, until this summer, Orange which gained it systematically. Everything changed in 2022, since it was Bouygues Telecom that won this juicy contract for the first time, from a amount estimated at 8.3 million euros.

Bouygues Telecom has not improved telephone reception at the National Assembly

Mr. Roussel therefore addressed the new operator of the Assembly to present problems which, it seems, are encountered by all the deputies. First of all, the transition between Orange and Bouygues was not without a hitch, far from it. The change of operator was not notified to all the elected officials, which led to a lot of misunderstanding and emails sent to the wrong addresses: the communist deputy thus affirms that Bouygues Telecom took three months to settle a technical problem in its permanence. The contract, however, stipulates that the new ISP must improve the coverage in the premises permanence by a signal recovery system on fixed Internet access: although this solution has been implemented, it appears to be ineffective.

Worse still, the problems that the company was supposed to solve, one of the reasons why it was arguably preferred over the others, have not been solved: in other words, the reception is still as bad at the Palais Bourbon . The deputy is a pampered client but difficult to satisfy, like the people he ultimately represents. Since 2012, it has benefited from an all-unlimited plan (voice, SMS and data in France, the European Union and abroad), which for €20, even in 2022, remains very attractive. By way of comparison, the prices of mobile offers from B&You, Red By Sfr and Free range from €16 to €20 for around 100 GB/month.

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