Between cousins! this is how marriages are in Amaranto, Colombia

On Colombia, specifically in the department of Antoquia, there is a place where the inhabitants are born, grow up, fall in love and reproduce among cousins, since they are all descendants of two families.

We refer to the town of Amaranto, where reports from the newspaper El Tiempo reveal that the 200 inhabitants belong to Isaac Galeano and Eudoxia Vanegas, son and daughter-in-law of Joaquin Galeano, founder of Amaranth in 1890.

The situation in that place began as follows. Isaac and Eudoxia They had 7 children, this added to the 3 that Isaac had previously, for a total of 10.

To the previous figure were added the 9 children that Gregorio had, Eudoxia’s brother, who went to live in Amaranth. According to newspaper reports, the only way to reach the town is through a dirt and stones.

Similarly, it is highlighted that Amaranth is a place where there is abundant vegetation and they are located at 1,400 meters above sea level, this in contrast to the cold climates of the Colombian capital.

Malformations and courtships

It is known that in Amaranth, at least two generations of people marry between cousins ​​and relatives. One of them is Aníbal Vanegas Galeano and Alba del Jesús Galeano Henao.

Despite the fact that one of the concerns of the population is the malformations that could appear, the tradition in Amaranth continues. Reports indicate the existence of Patricia, a girl who was born with an extra finger on her feet and hands.

Regarding young people, they tell the story of Angie Paola Galeano Henao and Christian Alejandro Galeano Henao, who are currently first cousins ​​and have been dating for two years.

Although the Catholic Church does not take this type of relationship with good eyes, the inhabitants managed to materialize their love. They even had to pray 50 Our Fathers, 20 rosaries and 6 confessions.


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