Between these Drift and CORSAIR chairs, which one should I get?

Being comfortable in front of the computer, especially when we are going to spend many hours, is extremely important. We have been looking for different gaming chairs, which allow you to be comfortable in front of the screen. Now you can have a good gaming chair Drift or good one CORSAIRwith up to a 29% discount.

First we have the Drift Gaming DR100BG, a fairly elegant leatherette chair finished in green. If you are looking for something of higher quality, we have the CORSAIR T1 Race, which allows greater adjustment and has 4D armrests. Two quite good options and accessible to all kinds of pockets.

Drift Gaming DR100BG

one of the brands most recognized in the segment of gaming chairs, without a doubt it is Drift. Surely you have seen many popular streamers who make use of this type of chair. Now you have the possibility of getting one of these chairs, yes, it is one of the simplest models currently offered by the brand.

This gaming chair is designed to maintain a correct posture when sitting in front of the computer. It is characterized by offering adjustable armrests, in order to obtain greater comfort and ergonomics. In addition, this chair is made of good quality materials, based on a robust structure covered by FOAM that offers excellent padding and is covered by high quality fabric.

This chair has a class 4 gas piston which offers support for a maximum weight of 150 kilograms. In addition, the base where the wheels are placed is made of high quality metal, to prevent it from being damaged. Regarding the wheels, these are made of very good quality nylon, offering great stability.

This gaming chair includes a lumbar cushion and one cervical. We must bear in mind that the two most delicate areas when we are sitting are the area of ​​the kidneys and the neck. Including height-adjustable cushions in these areas is great, as it improves ergonomics when sitting.

If you are looking for a complete gaming chair, this one from Drift offers very good quality finishes and great ergonomics. In addition, it has a really groundbreaking price, so it is a good opportunity to buy the chair you wanted.


It may be that you are looking for something a little better and that is why we bring you this chair from CORSAIR, which has some strengths over the previous model. We already know that this manufacturer is highly specialized in the video game segment, with all kinds of solutions. Offers users very good quality gaming chairsregardless of the time of year.

The first thing that stands out about this chair is the high quality leatherette finish considering intensive use. It also has a very high quality sewing system, which allows this chair to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. It also has a cushion for the head and another for the kidneys. This allows us to have a better fit and gain in comfort and postural hygiene.

It is based on a Steel structure of high quality to offer the greatest possible resistance. This chair is designed to last us a long time.

As it could not be otherwise, it has a class 4 gas piston that allows the height to be adjusted and allows a maximum weight of 150 kilograms. It has 4D armrests, which allows a higher level of adjustment according to the needs we have. The seatas if that were not enough, it can be adjusted in inclination with up to a 10º angle.

A very good quality gaming chair that offers a great adjustment according to the needs we have. You will surely love it and enjoy it for a long time due to its good finishes.

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