Beware of CCleaner, it can delete all your programs without permission

Keep in mind that, with the passage of time and use, Windows gradually filling up with unnecessary files and folders. That is precisely where applications like the one we are talking about come into play and that help us get rid of all this. In this way we managed to improve the operating system itself, in addition to freeing up space on the disk drives. While this application once enjoyed the trust of most users, over time it has been involved in various controversies.

This is something that has become especially evident after the purchase of CCleaner by the security firm avast. This is an acquisition that occurred in the past year 2017, so since then the software has as many lovers as detractors. Many of the complaints we refer to have been related to privacy issues For the users. In addition, these have also detected many bugs, unwanted ads, etc. But right now we are going to talk about an error that could even be considered even more serious.

All this is something that has been made known through the statements made by a user of the well-known Internet portal Reddit. The message has been removed from this platform for unknown reasons (probably a threat?), but we can see it in its entirety on the Betanews portal. In it, this user that we mentioned ensures that the aforementioned cleaning software uninstalled most of the programs installed on your computer without your consent.

CCleaner removes programs without user permission

To give you a more exact idea, the aforementioned reddit userrounakr94, assures that the version 5.91 of CCleaner erased most of the software on your computer by uninstalling the mentioned application from the Windows Control Panel. At that moment, the affected person observed that in the progress bar that files from MSI, Steam or Origin were being deleted. And not only that, since, after uninstalling it, programs like Adobe Reader, Aida64, Steam, or Discord, among others, were damaged. The reason for that is that they were not completely uninstalled, but made inaccessible.

uninstall ccleaner

Initially, all of this was made public by the news website Betanews due to the enormous seriousness of the matter. In addition, we have also been able to know that the affected person scanned the computer in scans for malware and this scan came back negative. Also, he points out that he had installed CCleaner in the usual applications folder and the programs that he tried to uninstall were in this same disk location.

A little later a developer of the mentioned program responded to this episode in the firm’s forums. Here he stated that one of the goals of this cleaning software when uninstalling it from the system is to remove all the content of its installation directory. This includes items such as corresponding files and registry entries. But of course, this explanation does not convince anyone, since CCleaner should not delete those contents that are not associated with the same programas has happened to the affected.

CCleaner bug? User crash for installing everything inside the same directory? 50% responsibility for both parties? Each one decides. What is clear is that does not seem to be a general problemso as long as we have CCleaner installed in a separate directory, separate from everything else, we shouldn’t have any problems.

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