Beware of this Bizum scam! That easy they steal up to 500 euros

Little by little we are putting aside the management of cash, and we are not only referring to the use of the usual credit and debit cards. We now have a series of online platforms and services that allow us to handle money virtually, as is the case with the popular bizum.

This is a function that most current banks are implementing among their services. It is more than likely that many of you already know first hand that this is a service that allows us to make instant and secure payments from our mobile phones. In this way, once we have activated Bizum in our bank, from its official application we can send and receive money immediately. At first all this was thought to transfer certain amounts between friends and family without having to use coins or bills.

However, such has been the success of this banking feature that it is becoming more widespread among all types of sectors. In fact, at the moment we even have the possibility of making payments in digital and physical stores through this method. And precisely because of its enormous market penetration in recent times, attackers are already on the prowl for our money. By these we mean that there are various attacks and scams related to Bizum who try to appropriate what belongs to others.

Next, we are going to talk about a scam that is now being made public and through which they can steal up to 500 euros. In these lines we will show you what it really is and how we can avoid it in an extremely simple way.

Prevent 500 euros from being stolen through Bizum

To give us an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeverything we are telling you, the start of this scam is focused on the fact that we received a certain amount of money through Bizum to our account from an unknown user of the service. This means that it is not in our agenda and therefore we only see the mobile from which that money comes to us. Therefore, and as is to be expected, initially the person who has sent us contacts us to let us know that he has been a mistake.

The usual thing in these cases is that the user who has made the mistake asks us for a refund of the amount that he sent us by accident. We, as the good people that we are in most cases, will refund the amount received. Well, at this point we must take into consideration that the payment platformBizum, has an internal security code that is used by scammers at that time.

This security code that we mentioned is responsible for making self-deposits with the same amount received. Therefore, the attackers can make use of that internal code to receive the amount that we have returned to them over and over again up to a maximum of 500 euro. As you can imagine, that is an amount that would disappear from our bank account linked to Bizum. In short, in order not to fall for this scam, the best thing we can do is not return the income supposedly received by accident from unknown sources.

If we have any doubts, we only have to consult with the Police or the Civil Guard to inform them of what is happening.

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