Beware of this Windows 12 that they want to sell you: it’s a scam

Although Windows is a trademark of Microsoft, there are many scammers who seek to take advantage of it to carry out their scams. Surely we have ever come across a Windows MiniOS on the net, created by such scammers, or modified versions of Windows Lite. Now, with Windows 11 just around the corner, it is the turn of Windows 12.

Windows 12 Lite: a Linux makeup to pay for

It is nothing new that scammers and hackers are trying to get their act together using social engineering to fool users. On this occasion, as we are going to see, they have taken advantage of the expectation of Microsoft’s new operating system to start selling a -false- Windows 12 Lite.

Windows 12 32-bit - fake

Although if we read the letter below we can see that it is a Linux similar to Windows that it has nothing to do with Microsoft, scammers have taken advantage of the name of Microsoft’s operating system, and a photo of the desktop, to mislead users. In addition, despite being ISO images (that is, a digital system), they claim to have only 88 units in stock.

The 32-bit version is free, but we will have the typical limitations of any 32-bit system. On the other hand, we will also have a 64-bit version, but this has a cost of 1 pound.

Windows 12 64 bit - fake

Those responsible for the website “regret” having to charge for it, claiming that some users have abused the system and have used false credit card details. If the download is free, why do you need credit cards? Or is there something else hidden on this website?

Download Windows and Linux always from their official websites

Although Windows is a paid operating system, it is possible to download it for free from the Internet. Microsoft allows us to download Windows 10 for free from their servers to create our own boot disk and install the operating system from scratch without danger. Some hackers distribute modified versions of this operating system (such as MiniOS, or Windows Lite) that are modified versions, with functional problems, and that, in addition, can hide malware. The windows downloads always from their official servers.

The same goes for Linux. Although it is easy to find links to download all kinds of distributions from the Internet, we must make sure that these downloads are always made from the official websites of the developers. No matter what Ubuntu (from the Canonical website) that Linux Mint that Kali Linux. The only way to ensure that we are using an official, unmodified, and malware-free version of this operating system is to download it from its main websites. In addition, this way we will also make sure to download the latest version of the OS and not run the risk of installing an unsupported system.

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