Beware: there is a new function for PowerToys, Windows Defender crashes, and more

Once Microsoft made available for part of the compatible equipment its new Windows 11 system, has continued working on it. First to solve the errors detected, update the integrated functions, and to improve everything related to the operating system.

This is something that, as it could not be otherwise, even reaches the applications integrated in it, as we will talk to you below. Many of you already know that when we install Microsoft software on a computer, it includes a series of pre-installed applications. Although they are not to everyone’s taste, they are there to make it easier for us to get started with our new PC. One of the mythical programs that has been with us for many years and versions of Windows is Paint.

Microsoft updates Paint, it is more useful and beautiful

We tell you all this because the Redmond firm has just launched a new update for this photo editor. Much of the news is focused on improving the user interface and its controls to adapt to the new system. In this way it has improved both the layout and design of the different shortcuts and program tools.

At the same time, a series of detected errors have also been corrected and some functions have been added that will make this legendary program more useful software.

DOCX marked as virus by Windows Defender? It’s false

Changing third, we will tell you that the antivirus that most of us should have installed on our PC, they are not always foolproof. One of the failures most feared by both users and their own developers, are the false positives. This is something that is being detected at the moment in the antivirus included in Microsoft’s operating system, Windows Defender.

Apparently the software is now offering false positives of the malware known as Emotet. To give you an idea, this is something that happens with documents DOCX from the Office suite and with legitimate program executables. Say that it marks them as if they were files with the Emotet malware hidden, when in fact it is not.

PowerToys is updated with a new feature

For those of you who don’t know, Microsoft PowerToys They are a series of tools developed by the firm that increase the functionality of Windows. In this way, modes of use are added that by default do not include the operating system, but that can be very useful. Well, this set of applications has just been updated with many improvements and a new tool.

In this way we can download the PowerToys 0.51 with a new addition in the form of a function. For some time now we have already told you that the development team was working on a new utility called Mouse Highlighter. Well, finally this has arrived and is available to everyone after downloading the latest version of the PowerToys.

powertoys 051

Actually, we are going to find a function that highlights all the activity we carry out with the mouse. Here it refers to clicks and movements, all to make it easier to see what is happening for example in presentations. The function can be activated and deactivated via the keyboard shortcut Win + Shift + H.

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