Beware: Windows 11 could display colors wrong, Edge lets you follow your favorite websites and more

Precisely for all this that we tell you that software solutions such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge do not stop growing and improving. Likewise, the search engines that we use daily, or the applications and online platforms they are becoming more and more powerful and useful. Therefore, its developers are in charge of keeping all these elements of the internet updated so that we can use them in the best possible way.

In this way they do not stop receiving new functions and features both at a functional level, as well as interface and security. This is precisely something that we are going to show you below.

Microsoft takes back a highly requested feature in Edge

You already know that to be aware of what publish your favorite websites this monitoring can be done with specific platforms. However, for all this, Microsoft has now resumed the development of a function that we heard about a few months ago but that seemed to have been abandoned. Specifically, we refer to a functionality that is currently being integrated into the Edge browser so that we can follow the default websites that we want.

At the moment this is a functionality that we can only find in the Canary version of the program. It helps people to get fresh content from the websites they follow and which they can add. This way they will have all that information of interest at their fingertips in one place. It is worth mentioning that all these websites that we are adding will appear in a side panel of Edge.

This growth shows concern for privacy

One of the largest companies on the internet the almighty Google. For those who do not remember, this began as a search engine that over time has grown to become the powerful search engine that it is at the moment. Despite the fact that many, or most, of the users use it, there are other very interesting alternatives. In fact, one of the great problems that this proposal presents us with is everything related to privacy and security.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

Precisely for this reason many users look for other solutions in the form of search engines such as DuckDuckGo. This is a search engine that has been around for a good number of years but now, in 2021 that is ending, it has reached its highest point in terms of use. And it is worth knowing that, over the last 12 months, this search engine has grown by around 46%. This only demonstrates the concern of users for their security and privacy.

Windows 11 has a problem with colors

It must be said that the Windows 11 crashes keep appearing, and now we find one that directly affects the colors displayed on the screen. Specifically, we refer to a failure that Microsoft has already made official. To give you an idea, we are talking about a Windows 11 error in which HDR screens may not render some content correctly. Therefore, this is something that would directly affect how colors are displayed in certain situations on our screen.

windows hdr

This occurs after upgrading to Windows 11 and affects some image editing programs, for example. Microsoft states that the problem is especially seen with white colors, which could be a bright yellow or similar.

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