Biden tightens restrictions on Huawei and ZTE

It is not a secret, Huawei and ZTE are two of the Chinese giants in the technology sector that have suffered the most from the restrictions imposed by the United States. The story is quite long, but about a year ago we saw that ZTE had not left the blacklist, and that With the arrival of Biden, Huawei’s situation was not going to improve either.

At the time, positive voices sounded saying that, in the end, there was a possibility that things would improve thanks to Biden’s more moderate character, compared to Trump, but in the end we have been able to confirm that not only has this not been the case, but that In addition, the president of the United States has not shaken his hand when signing the Safe Equipment Law, a new regulation with which the country intends to take measures against Chinese companies dedicated to the telecommunications sector, and which is based, as usual, on the argument of national security.

This law implies that the Federal Communications Commission of the United States can no longer review, or approve, any authorization request issued by companies that pose an unacceptable risk to national security. What does this mean? Well, Huawei and ZTE have run out of that option to try to get approval for the use of their telecommunications equipment in the United States.

It is curious to see that the signing of this law has taken place shortly before the meeting that will take place between Joe Biden and Xi Jinpin, an event in which both leaders will have the possibility of bringing positions closer to try to “soften” a trade war that has been immersed in a marked tug of war by both countries for too long.

We’ll see what all this is left of, but the US plans to completely leave out Huawei and ZTE they are very seriousNot surprisingly, the FCC launched a program valued at $ 1.9 billion earlier this year to help US telemarketers directly replace the Huawei and ZTE equipment they are using. This points to another clear objective, cleaning the telemarketers of the equipment of both companies.

In all key public entities and organizations in the United States that feeling in general is maintained, and in a majority way, that is, it is considered that the risk that these companies represent for the national security of the country is unacceptable, and for this reason they believe that any hole that could allow their entry should be closed.

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