Big breakdown at Orange, the Pixel Fold more and more imminent, it’s the recap

Orange victim of a big failure, the Pixel Fold which promises to be more and more imminent and the return of a volume indicator on Windows 11, it’s time for the recap of January 13, 2022.

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It’s time for the recap of the news to remember from Thursday, January 13, 2022. Today’s menu, a Pixel that bends over backwards, an expected return on Windows 11 but also a huge failure at Orange that lasted all afternoon. Hang on your seatbelts, it’s time to recap yesterday!

Rififi at Orange

General alert! During the day yesterday, Orange services were paralyzed for a good part of the afternoon. Complaints have multiplied on the DownDetector site. Impossible for customers to access their mailbox, which can be very inconvenient to work. Likewise, some customers equipped with ADSL also experienced connection problems. Little by little, everything was back to normal at the end of the day.

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The Pixel Fold is talking about it again

The Pixel Fold soap opera continues! After disappearing from radar, the Google terminal appears in a benchmark under the code name Pipit (it’s cute Pipit…). It would logically be equipped with the Google Tensor, already present on the two Pixel 6. It is also rumored that it should adopt a screen ratio closer to that of the Oppo Find N than of the Z Fold 3. Latest hint: Android 12L, version of the OS dedicated to foldable screens, hides a diagram of a still unknown smartphone and stamped Google. Here, here, here …

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Windows 11 hits a bar

Windows 11 updates and brings a very practical novelty! When you lower and raise the sound, a flyout window now appears on the screen. Until today, this bar was hidden in a dedicated sub-menu of the taskbar. This is currently only reserved for Insiders, but this update should be deployed very soon for all users. Of course, this build includes other interesting new features.

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