BIG COW, wild decoration and ‘Texan’ technology to differentiate your kitchen

The other day we had the opportunity to visit a new restaurant, located at calle Islas Cíes, number 1, in Getafe (Madrid), called BIG COW. In addition to the food, one of the local’s strong “dishes” is its decoration, which points to the trend instagrammable of the restoration, that wants to offer its customers a sensory experience, beyond the palate.

The kitchen is characterized by a careful selection of ingredients, especially the meat, mostly from Galician blond cow. There is also no shortage of pork dishes and a variety of rice dishes and hamburgers, and of course a gallery of starters and desserts. But the technology used in the preparation of the meat is what makes this restoration SME different, since they have been able to completely dispense with electricity in one of the most important processes. The protagonist of this business is an oven that works, 100%, with olive wood and that gives the meat a flavor, slightly smoky and with a texture so tender, that it melts in the mouth.

The process of preparing this meat make the most of its quality; however, the oven was brought from Texas (USA) and is valued at €60,000. In it, the meat remains for a period of time between 8 and 18 hours in order to achieve unparalleled flavors and textures.

The interior design of its facilities is signed by Francis Silvan, avant-garde interior designer and winner of several decoration awards. This interior is characterized by a pure and almost wild essence, full of intense colors, cladding on columns with textures of snakes and neons that climb towards the ceiling, and a great presence of fauna with the appearance of various figures of animals such as deer, horses, pink cheetahs (presiding over the entrance) or even giraffes , in a space of 2,200 m2.

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In addition, this space has spacious meeting rooms with an avant-garde design, prepared for any company or organization that wants to celebrate any type of event, either internal or with its clients. There will also be a resident DJ to liven up the evenings of all the diners who want to enjoy music while having a drink or soft drink.

BIG COW is the first restaurant in the Community of Madrid where diners can live a unique gastronomic and carnivorous experience mixed with different live shows, all this in a completely avant-garde space. We have put all the meat on the grill to offer a 360º experience”, Enrique Gómez Carrillo, Manager of BIG COW, has pointed out.

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