Big Destiny 2 Developer Achievements in 2022

Multiplayer games (MMO games) are primarily online projects that unite from several tens to thousands of players on one server. The main feature of such projects is the interaction (both peaceful and hostile) of users with each other. MMO games fall into the same genres as single-player video games. One of these games is Bungie’s iconic Destiny 2, a multiplayer looter shooter that has been in development for almost seven years. There have been ups and downs in the game.

Beyond Light, the preceding add-on, was good at first but faded fast after its release. Seasons 1 and 2 of Destiny 2 featured a solid local plot and expanded the world of the game, but they didn’t add anything new or exciting to the gameplay mechanics. Fans of the game were disappointed when the Witch Queen release date was postponed and seasonal activities were extended for another three months. However, it’s a good thing they were mistaken!

New content and changes

The add-major on the destination, the world-throne of the queen of deception Savathun, is impressive not only in scale but also in content. Each of the three regions not only holds a bunch of secrets, but is simply large in itself – there is where to turn around and make war with the forces of the Shining Hive or the Despicable.

You will be pleased with the new vendor of reputation – the ghost of Finch. He needs leveling up not only to get new equipment, but to open up new modes and opportunities for the Guardian. For leveling up, you can access the weekly “Source” activity on a higher difficulty and the ability to replay individual missions of the campaign and get higher-level loot for this. Well, if you want to raise the level of the character’s power to the selected value, keep the legendary weapons and armor received during the boost on your guard and just get a lot of experience for your season pass and Artifact, then you should use the Destiny 2 boosting services.

Big Destiny 2 Developer Achievements in 2022

A new type of weapon – a glaive – did not make a quivering impression. It is not yet possible to perceive it as a superweapon. Perhaps Bungie finally introduced balanced weapons from the very beginning of the expansion. Weapons have become more and more diverse, divided into three categories: kinetic (damage to health), energy (damage to shields) and power (damage to armor). The first two are occupied by conventional weapons – revolvers, submachine guns and machine guns, but they have a different type of damage. Powerful sniper rifles, grenade launchers, rocket launchers were classified as power.

The pumping was reworked, the perks were collected 3-4 per group, but they can be switched to match the combat situation. Shooting physics has become more realistic, and artificial intelligence is smarter. Now he can retreat, dodge bullets and call for help.

We are also glad that developers tried to embellish the new “standard” tasks with interesting information and details. It is necessary to unravel the secrets of Savathun, her world-throne and those same worm-gods that once subjugated the Hive hostile to us. To do this, in the Enclave hub on Mars there is a whole board with a detective investigation, where the player needs to take tasks and, by completing them, learn more and more details about their enemy.

Psychic Battlefield’s seasonal activity is standard: we fight our way to the boss through waves of foes, kill him in a big arena employing a variety of tactics, and get rewards. However, under the Witch Queen add-“Source,” the rules for this activity switch from assault to defense every day. In the first situation, you must break into the boss’s room, while in the second, you must protect this room while catching up to the next boss.

And finally, we would like to tell you about the change in the Void subclass with the subtitle “3.0”. The developers decided to remake the abilities of the Guardians in the manner of an already existing subclass of Darkness – Stasis. A huge number of combinations of existing abilities, expanding the list of available grenades, aspects and subclass fragments allow you to create a variety of builds.

Will any content return from the Destiny Content Vault in 2022?

Destiny 2’s Witch Queen stares wide eyes into the distance. The new Witch Queen extension has been a long time coming for Destiny 2 players, and it brings back some old favorites. Some items will be brought back from storage, but Bungie is keeping the details under wraps for the time being.

On top of all this new content will be offered a selection from DCV with a traditional raid, 2 player-via-player maps from Destiny 2 and a classic PVP map from the original Destiny.

Big Destiny 2 Developer Achievements in 2022

Let’s summarize

After the less exciting Shadowkeep and the quickly forgotten Beyond Light, there was a fear that Bungie would make another not the most successful addon. But it’s nice to be wrong! A great story and balance of missions on legendary difficulty takes you back to the days when Bungie made Halo. Music only complements these feelings and you want to listen to it even while the game is off, and you are minding your own business. Innovations, such as forging weapons and new activities, did not disappoint either.

True, the team still has something to work on and what to refine in existing mechanics. It’s too early to pass judgment on the Rebirth season, although everything appears to be in place and nicely compliments the events of Witch Queen. Even if it turns out to be worse than the previous raids, the Vow of the Disciple raid is unlikely to ruin your experience.

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