Big Door Prize series adds Chris O’Dowd to cast

Last May, we talked about the series Big Door Prize, a series for which Apple had acquired the rights and whose executive producer is David West Read, Emmy award winner and who has worked on the series Schitt’s Creek.

David West Read is the one charged with writing the adaptation of the eponymous book by MO Wlahs, in addition to being the showrunner and executive producer. Chris O’Dowd, is the first actor who has been confirmed for this new miniseries of which at the moment they are not known when it is planned to start production.

Big Door Prize follows the residents of a small town called Deerfiled when a machine appears at the local supermarket. A machine that looks like a traditional photo booth, but is able to predict life of the people who use it.

This machine piques the curiosity of Deerfield townspeople, teachers, nurses and merchants and will urge users to change the course their lives have taken to become what they had dreamed of being as children.

Chris O’Down, will star in the role of Dusty, a good-natured teacher and family man whose life leads a normal and predictable life until the machine appears in the supermarket and is forced to question his happiness.

Actor Chris O’Down voices one of the characters from the Apple TV + animated series We are here: notes for living on planet Earth. He has also participated in the film My best friend’s Wedding, Thor: The Dark World, Frequently asked questions about time travel, Gulliver’s Travels

The Serie will consist of 10 episodes and at the moment we do not know when its launch is scheduled on Apple TV +, but if we take into account that the cast has not yet been completed, we can expect at the earliest for mid-2023.

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