Bigbox arrives in Spain to promote corporate experiences

Companies have reinvented the way they approach their employees since the outbreak of the pandemic, especially in terms of loyalty and talent retention.

In this context, Bigbox, a digital platform specialized in corporate experiential gifts, has landed in Spain with the objective of revolutionize human resource management, betting on a disruptive model of incentives for employees.

With a team of more than 150 collaborators and close to twenty million dollars invoiced in Latin America in 2021, Bigbox bets on Spain as a strategic market for its entry into Europe, with forecasts of doubling the group’s sales in the first two years. Thus, its arrival in Spain aims to promote a more “human” talent management, focused on the well-being of the teams, backed by its great success in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.

As part of its international expansion strategy, Bigbox will invest 1.5 million euros to guarantee its development in Spain. In short, the company offers a tailored solution for companies, demonstrating the ability of experiences to mobilize teams, causing a positive impact on their lives. Among its corporate solutions, some stand out such as welcome, birthdays or holidays, which are adapted to the needs of both companies and their employees.

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Bigbox, experiences with no expiration date

Following its purpose, “Convince the world to accumulate less and live more”, the company has designed a set of technological processes to ensure and promote the use of experiences “No expiration date”. Getting to position itself in a sector of experiences that involves 1,500 million euros, of which 400 million are not enjoyed, a consequence of absurd expiration dates

Gastón Parisier, CEO and founder of Bigbox highlights that, “Without a doubt, the great challenge that human resources professionals will have to face in the post-pandemic context will be creativity to generate experiences capable of retaining talent”. Taking into account, in addition, “New consumer trends and the deep digital transformation process that companies must face today, making use of tools based on personalization and efficiency”.

Ultimately, facilitating employee disconnection in the digital age is one of the biggest challenges facing the human resources industry. In this sense, the more than 2,500 companies that have trusted Bigbox, including some such as Accenture or BBVA, reaffirm the company’s commitment to generate unforgettable memories, through a completely digital process.

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