Bing is already very close to Chrome and Safari

Since its launch, Bing has been limited to Microsoft Edge, the Redmond browser, although it is true that since its presentation they confirmed that taking it to other browsers was among their plans (no date, yes). It was a very intelligent move, as it helped many users who were interested in Bing, but not so much in the company’s browser, to end up adopting the use of both, something from which Edge came out particularly well.

However, while the move to grow the use of Edge was very smart at the time, now could become a problem for the success of Bing. Because? Because in recent weeks the reach of Bard has grown exponentially. It is true that it is not yet possible to use the Google chatbot in the European Union, but its reach in the rest of the world is practically global, and the interest it has aroused during these months is also very high.

In this way, keeping Bing limited exclusively to Microsoft Edge can be counterproductive for the interests of Microsoft, which obviously goes through continuing to fight the point of the search for online information with Google, something that has done quite well over the last few months. Thus, the time has come for those from Redmond to open access to Bing to other browsers, since in reality there do not seem to be major technical limitations for it, especially if we talk about Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers, which is the same engine that uses Edge.

Bing is already very close to Chrome and Safari

They must have thought the same thing, and it is that according to what we can read in Windows Latest, Microsoft is already preparing to bring Bing to Chrome, Safari and other browsers. And it does not seem that it will be necessary to wait too long. Preliminary tests seem to have gone well on the various platforms (some users detected, for a few minutes, that Bing was accessible from Safari and worked without a problem) and consequently, according to an internal Microsoft source cited by said media, the rollout will take place. in the coming days.

According to those who have been able to access these Bing tests in other browsers, the user experience is totally similar to what it provides in Edge, even in Safari, despite the fact that in this case we are talking about a browser that uses a different engine. However, it should not surprise us that, at a minimum, it identifies which browser is being used and, if it is one of the competition, suggests the user to try Bing to have the full experience. It wouldn’t be the first time, would it?

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