Bing reaches 100 million daily users

Those responsible for Bing, and Microsoft in general, they are living days of wine and roses thanks to their search engine. Well, wine and roses, and a lot of work, because as we have been telling you over the last few weeks, it is rare the day that we do not find some change in the fashionable chatbot, and although in some of them have reduced their functions, the vast majority of updates have acted in the opposite direction, that is, adding new functions, extending limits, solving problems, etc.

So, those of Redmond have been able to take advantage of the pull of ChatGPT in recent months, and they have also substantially improved the OpenAI chatbot proposal, by making Prometheus, the model used by the new Bing, connected to the Internet, thus offering always updated information and, something very important, citing the sources it uses in each answer. Thus, in this case, we can trust the information provided by the chatbot, since we have the possibility of knowing its origins.

Microsoft has also been very smart not to open the new Bing directly to all users. who want to use it. The reason that the company has given is that they want to carry out a gradual deployment in the testing phase, collecting as much feedback as possible, so that when it is fully released, it is totally reliable. And I do not deny that this is one of the reasons, but not the only one. Another important aspect, and one that I think Microsoft has considered very well, is that the services that use this system generally arouse much more interest among users. Let’s remember, for example, what happened with Clubhouse.

As a result of all of the above, and as reported by Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft’s head of consumer marketing, in a post on the search engine’s official blog, Bing has reached one hundred million daily active users. Some metrics suggest that Google moves around one billion daily active users, so we are talking about the fact that Microsoft’s search engine has already scaled up to around 10% of Google’s traffic.

When cold, talking about 10% may seem like a small thing, but in reality it is a great result, if we think of the absolute supremacy of Google, a practically universal reference for information search on the Internet. The fact that those from Redmond have now achieved a fairly round figure, when the chatbot is still not accessible to everyone, is a sign that this growth path can still have a long, long way to go.

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