Bing will soon have chat history

That Bing and ChatGPT are cousins, so to speak, is something that is not lost on anyone, although almost it would be more accurate to see them as stepbrothers, as they share one of their parents, OpenAI. Thus, it is normal that we see that a good part of the functions of one is replicated in the other (this works both ways) and that both services fight each other, in a cordial manner, to capture the maximum interest from the users, if It is true that they do it for different purposes.

Thus, it is common for those who use both services to do nothing but wonder when a certain function of one of them will land on the other. This is, however, more likely in some cases than in others. For example, this week we told you that Bing has added the ability to create images thanks to the integration of a custom model of DALL-E, something that seems unlikely to see, at least in the short term, in ChatGPT.

We have also seen that, since the announcement of GPT-4, both chatbots have confirmed that they use it, but with the difference that Bing does it permanently, while ChatGPT only allows a limited use of it to service payment accounts. Thus, by way of facts we can more than confirm what we have been saying for some time now, and that is that Microsoft has put all the meat on the grill, yes, but also all the credit cards to finance these movements, well just think in the infrastructure that they have had to deploy to provide these new services would make any system manager break a cold sweat.

As we already told you a few days ago, Google has taken a significant step by starting a public beta of Bard among users in the United States and the United Kingdom, which will undoubtedly will have turned on several warning lights in Redmond, because they know that they must be able to capitalize on the moment of glory that they are experiencing. Whether it is something ephemeral or lasting in time depends on its ability to seduce users into turning Bing into their information search tool on the Internet, something for which the Bing chatbot is most practical.

Microsoft’s search engine does, however, have an important limitation compared to OpenAI’s, and that is that it does not keep the conversation history. However, as stated in a tweet Mikhail Parakhin, executive director of advertising and web services at Microsoft, the Bing team is working to deliver the chat history feature as soon as possiblesomething that completes and justifies stating that it is the function most demanded by users.

ChatGPT has a history of chats (although it sometimes fails) from its origins and that, unlike Bing, does not limit the duration of the conversations. In the case of the Microsoft chatbot, the limit is currently set at 15 questions-answers, at which point it is necessary to restart the conversation, process in which everything discussed up to that moment is lost. Thus, it is more than likely that we will have, over time, to repeat certain queries, which with a history we could review directly. The good news is that, although there is still no date, we will finally have that long-awaited record soon.

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