Bioshock 4: the new chapter could arrive in 2022

Thanks to a potential massive leak, it was discovered that Bioshock 4 it could hit shelves in 2022. This was incorrectly revealed by Nvidia’s GeForce Now service, which contained information on upcoming upcoming games supported by the platform.

The game, confirmed and in the works for some years at the studio Cloud Chamber of 2K Games, could finally see the light, to the delight of all fans of the shooter who have been waiting for a sequel to Bioshock Infinite from 2013.

Bioshock 4 could be released next year

Despite 2K Games we have not yet shown a single frame of the game in progress, the confirmation of the development of the game at Cloud Chamber was made in 2019. The studio had revealed that it had started with the realization of the new chapter in 2017, without however announcing a possible date of ‘exit.

Now, from a major leak through the service GeForce Now of Nvidia, it was found that Bioshock 4, called “Bioshock 2022”, is present in the database, along with thousands of other titles.

Assuming this is the next game in the franchise he’s working on Cloud Chamber, it seems that the fourth chapter can see the light next year.

The only unknown is the validity of this leak, not having the certainty that each title on the list found in GeForce Now is official and inserted by the production studios. So, at the moment, we just have to take the information with a grain of salt, waiting for an official announcement from 2K Games.

However, it is worth noting that, looking at the timing of production, the game’s release could be plausible for 2022, having started development in 2017. The time is definitely ripe for a new game dedicated to the saga conceived by Ken Levine, this time exclusively open world.

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