BIOSTAR announces the M800 series SSD

BIOSTAR M800 is the new solid-state drive from the Taiwanese manufacturer that you will know for its motherboards or graphics cards and that is part of the parent company MSI.

The version uses 3D TLC memories, has a format M.2 2280 (22 x 80 x 3.5 mm) and connects to the PCIe 4.0 x4 interface, by far the most used by consumers despite the fact that Gen5 have been on the market for some time, supported by Intel and AMD, but have not yet achieved massive adoption. and there are still manufacturers to make the leap.

It supports the NVMe v1.3 protocol and its performance level is in the mid-range of SSDs, with data transfers of 4800 and 4450 Mbytes per second in sequential read and write modes.

The drive supports end-to-end data protection and AES 256-bit encryption. It does not include a heatsink and it will not really be mandatory to use it. It can be used on both desktop and laptop computers, as a primary boot drive or as a secondary drive for mass data storage.

It will be marketed in storage capacities of 512 Gbytes, 1 and the largest 2 Tbytes. Prices have not been provided, but taking into account their characteristics they must be quite cheap.

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