Biostar launches Ethereum mining rig with eight RX 6600

For those who do not know, Ethereum plans to modify its consensus algorithm (what we do not know in what decade, or century). It will go from a proof-of-work process that requires time and a lot of energy to validate transactions and generate blocks, to a proof-of-stake process. This process requires less resources in terms of time and energy, sacrificing decentralization and security.

Biostar presents a mining rig based on eight Radeon RX 6600

Without a doubt, Biostar is the company that has made the greatest commitment to ethereum mining (and other cryptocurrencies). It offers different base plates specially designed for this practice. These motherboards change the PCIe x16 slots for PCIe x1, in most models.

The iMiner 660MX8D2 makes use of the TB360-BTC D+ motherboard, intended for mining Ethereum, Ravencoin and other graphic card friendly cryptocurrencies. Said motherboard makes use of the B360 chipset and the Intel LGA1151 socket, supporting only 8th and 9th generation Core processors. A motherboard that features eight PCIe x16 slots with a separation that supports dual-slot graphics.

For this system we have chosen to install a Celeron G4900 processor, no more. The load on the processor during the mining work is not very high, so a large processor is not needed. This system has a 2000 W power supply designed to work 24/7.

Regarding graphics cards, it makes use of models Biostar RX 6600 with two fans and two heatpipes. These graphics cards are quite good for mining, since they have 8 GB of GDDR6 memory. Unfortunately, Biostar has not provided frequency data and other adjustments made to the graph.

How could it be otherwise, this rig is compatible with Windows 10 and 11, Hive OS and Linux distributions. It is designed for mining Ethereum, Ethereum Classi, Ravencoin, Zcash or ERGO, among other cryptocurrencies. Note that this system of 8 graphics cards in the Ethereum mining process offers a power of about 248 MH/s.

The sale price of the Biostar iMiner 660MX8D2 system and availability are unknown.

Mining has not gone, nor will it go

Although many believe that with Ethereum 2.0 mining will end, the reality is different. The miners will switch to mining other cryptocurrencies. Currently, Ethereum Classic, ERGO or Ravencoin, among others, are less profitable than Ethereum, it is a reality. But it is still profitable to mine them and when Ethereum pulls away, miners will go for the next profitable coin.

However, at the moment everyone is focused on Ethereum to get the 32 ether needed to set up a node. Once the change occurs, this equipment (most of which has been amortized) will go on to mine another currency or the second-hand components will be sold.

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