Bitcoin: a crypto Youtuber scams his subscribers by stealing 4 million euros

Several hundred people have reported a scam orchestrated by Youtuber Crypto Gouv. The latter called on his subscribers to join an investment pool, sometimes encouraging them to pay him tens of thousands of euros by promising them a strong capital gain. A few weeks later, he announced that he would close the operation and leave with the 4 million euros in funds recovered.

We can never say it enough: if, despite the current deleterious market atmosphere, you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, be extremely careful where you step. Already widespread for a few years, scams are now legion, to the point of interest of the FBI itself. While the “luckiest” get away with only a few thousand euros in losses, the bill can very quickly reach several million. The amount of cumulative scams found on social networks is thus estimated at 770 million euros.

Enough to stir up the greed of malicious individuals. Crypto Gouv, Youtuber who has acquired a certain reputation in the French crypto sphere, has thus sniffed out the vein. In just a few months, he managed to gather no less than 4,000 budding traders in Discord and Telegram rooms. We now know the trick: dangle astronomical gains in exchange for only a few hundred euros of investment. Within these pools created by Crypto Gouv, some get carried away and even go as far as several thousand euros.

He leaves with the 4 million euros of his subscribers without explanation

Everything stops on July 9th. After several weeks of sharing tutorials with its community while collecting their donations, Crypto Gouv announces that it is leaving with all the payments received. He even allows himself to mock his victims by explaining to them in detail how the scam worked. For lawyer Me Asta-Vola, “It’s as if you had entrusted a sum to a financial investment adviser and that he simply left with your money”.

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Yet Crypto Gouv is fully aware of the risks involved, since he himself declares that he is exposing himself to a five-year prison sentence. For now, the Youtubeur has flown away with a total of 4 million euros. An investigation was opened and entrusted to the gendarmes of the Paris research section. In the meantime, the victims have gathered in a mutual aid server on Discord.

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