Bitcoin, Ether: this Tesla Model 3 mines up to $ 800 in cryptocurrency per month

This Tesla Model 3 is capable of mining between $ 400 and $ 800 worth of Bitcoin or Ether per month, says its owner. To transform his car into a mining farm, the motorist connected graphics cards to the battery.

Siraj Raval, the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3 edition 2018, managed to mining cryptocurrency with the battery of his electric car. As reported by our colleagues from CNBC, the young man simply plugged the car from his racing car to an inverter connected to his Mac mini M1.

On his computer, he then just had to launch a digital currency mining software, such as Bitcoin or Ether. To boost its mining infrastructure, it also connected graphics cards to the Tesla. “It’s a computer with wheels… It’s so easy to hack this computer car”, explains Siraj Raval.

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Thanks to this mini mining farm, Siraj Raval has greatly benefited from the explosion of the course of Ether. Carried by the explosion of Bitcoin, the price of Ether moved beyond $ 3,000 last year, with a brief breakthrough beyond $ 4,500. When cryptocurrency was at its peak, Siraj’s Tesla Model 3 even managed to mine for $ 800 in assets per month.

He’s not the first Tesla car owner to get into cryptocurrency mining. Asked by CNBC, Chris Allessi, Wisconsin’s premier electric car dealership, explains having tested several ways to transform his Model S into a mining farm.

In particular, the man connected a Bitmain Antminer S9, a machine specially dedicated to Bitcoin mining, to the battery of his electric car. So that the battery voltage does not exceed that of the machine, Chris Allessi added a power inverter to his makeshift installation.

To mine altcoins like Monero, he also used the car’s dashboard interface to access “To a specifically configured web page” for mining. Mirroring Siraj Rava, Alessi has also undermined digital assets by plugging graphics cards into his car.

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Unfortunately, mining cryptocurrency by operating your electric car is not without consequences. According to Chris Alessi, mining prematurely wears out the electric battery cars. “Why would you want to inflict that kind of wear and tear on a car worth $ 40,000 to $ 100,000?”, says the dealer, who believes that the process is far from profitable despite the rise in the price of cryptocurrencies.

Source: CNBC

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