Bitcoin: this MEP will receive his salary in cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin continues to gain followers. Mirroring several American city councilors, Christophe De Beukelaer, deputy in Brussels, will convert all of his monthly salary into Bitcoin for a year. The man wants to display his confidence in digital gold.

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While the cryptocurrency market exploded last year, the issue of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, gradually entered in the public debate. In the United States, several politicians have openly come out in favor of cryptoassets. This is particularly the case of Eric Adams, the new mayor of New York. To prove his confidence in the digital currency, he pledged to receive his salary in bitcoin. Francis Suarez, the mayor of the city of Miami, also received his last paycheck in cryptocurrencies. Several other city officials have taken similar positions.

The question of Bitcoin as a currency also arises in Europe. Christophe De BeukelaerMP in Brussels, has just announced his intention to convert his entire salary into Bitcoin for the whole of 2022. In a press release addressed to the Belgian media, he explains the reasons for his decision.

This MP Expects a Bitcoin Revolution

“We are at the dawn of a revolution of the same order as what we experienced with the Internet 30 years ago. We can no longer remain ignorant of this new world! It’s a bit like clinging to the carriage or the candle as the cars and light bulbs appear”advances Christophe De Beukelaer, convinced of the revolution to come.

Mirroring many financial analysts, the Belgian MP considers the queen of cryptocurrencies as a store of value in the face of market vagaries. “I want to show that you can already now intelligently invest part of your money in a new store of value (Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies) to balance your financial life. All economists are warning us that we are entering a very risky period: loss of confidence, inflation, printing of banknotes like never before, digital euro… However, these subjects are never addressed in the democratic debate”explains the deputy to the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region.

On the same subject: more than 50% of crypto owners would like to be paid in Bitcoin

For the sake of transparency, Christophe De Beukelaer specifies that he will convert the 5,500 euros of his salary deputy every month through the Belgian cryptocurrency exchange platform Bit4You. “Yes I am taking a risk. But, first I can afford it. Then, I have real confidence in the long term. By doing this, I am investing in digital gold”says the MP.

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