BlaBlaCar already has seven million users in Spain and 100 million worldwide

The sharing economy is on the rise and BlaBlaCar is an example of this, as it is becoming one of the most used options for getting around. The ridesharing platform has reached the seven million users in Spain and the 100 million in the 22 countries in which it operates

BlaBlaCar reached activity levels of the same dates of 2019 at the end of August and achieved a historical maximum of bookings in the Pilar bridge.

Almost 15% of Spaniards are already BlaBlaCar users. Percentage that rises to 37% in the case of young people between 18 and 35 years old. The average distance they travel on each shared trip is 270 kilometers, 14 kilometers more than in 2020, at an average price of 12 euros per trip. And although the average age of the community has grown to 32 years, the profile by sex is still very homogeneous: half of men (53%) and half of women (47%).

The autonomous community with the most users of the platform is Andalusia with more than two million, followed by the Community of Madrid with more than one million and the Valencian Community with almost 900,000.

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“This milestone shows that carpooling has become a common alternative for inexpensive point-to-point travel. Going forward, we are investing in innovation to drive a smarter and more efficient connection that enables users to find a ride from any location to virtually anywhere. Thus, in the last year, and thanks to our “Boost” technology, we have managed to connect 70% of the more than 8,000 Spanish towns, allowing users to reserve a seat directly on the routes of drivers who pass near them. In short, we are dedicated to using technology to make travel more efficient »says Florent Bannwarth, BlaBlaCar’s director of operations for Spain and Portugal.

Doubled size

The BlaBlaCar community, present in 22 countries, has doubled in size since 2018. What’s more, today, every two seconds a new user joins to the worldwide BlaBlaCar community. After 15 years of activity, the platform has become a solution to travel throughout Eurasia, or in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Turkey or India. The use of the platform in these 22 countries has positive effects globally, among which are:

  • Environment: 1.6 million tons of CO2 saved per year, which is equivalent to the CO2 emitted by road transport in Valencia for a whole year.
  • Social: more than 120 million connections a year, connecting people who would never have met otherwise.
  • Savings: 600 million euros saved by users per year.
  • Access to mobility: more than a million meeting points around the world.

“When BlaBlaCar was created, social media barely existed and smartphones weren’t that smart, so people doubted that a ride-sharing platform could work at scale. Today, one hundred million users are sharing their trips and making possible a travel solution that is uniquely adapted to the environmental and social problems that most concern society. I have no words to thank all our users and our team for this collective achievement »explains Nicolas Brusson, CEO and co-founder of BlaBlaCar.

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