Black Friday 2021: What stores will participate in Mexico?

Today, November 26, 2021, a special sale will take place, called Black friday, in which you can access various promotions. Although it is true that this celebration is typical of the United States, several companies have adopted it as a continuation of El Buen Fin.

This represents a new opportunity to purchase items at special prices, with the aim of finishing year-end purchases. In other words, if you did not manage to take advantage of last week’s discounts, you are in time to take advantage of other promotions.

What stores participate in Black Friday 2021?

Black Friday is celebrated on Thanksgiving Day, a holiday in the United States in which dozens of stores are involved that sell their products at incredible prices, with the purpose of selling a large part of their inventory, giving consumers the opportunity to get new products before end the year.

In 2021, Mexico opens the door for thousands of consumers to access discounts and other special promotions through certain participating stores. The truth is that more and more brands are joining the celebration of this holiday, so we share below the list of companies that officially participate in the edition 2021.

  • Walmart
  • Costco
  • Liverpool
  • Amazon
  • Free market
  • Linio
  • eBay

Tips to take advantage of Black Friday 2021 in Mexico

As in El Buen Fin, the first tip to make the most of seasonal discounts is define a budget to spend, in addition to being clear about the products you want to purchase, with the aim of spending only the money allocated.

The second recommendation is to check the price of the desired products in advance, to compare it with those offered during the discount season, since they do not always have a real discount. It is also possible to compare Amazon prices through websites such as

The third point has to do with security, since this season there are many users who try to commit fraud, so it is very important to only buy on websites and establishments of which we are certain, especially if payment will be made through a card.

Remember that in case you have a problem, Profeco You can defend your rights as a consumer, you can check the official page to find out about any situation.


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