Black Friday Apple Watch

The Apple Watch has become the best device for monitor the physical and sports activity of users. However, it is not exactly a cheap device, at least the most complete models on the market. If you are not satisfied with the entry model, Black Friday is the best day to buy an Apple Watch.

But, not just an Apple Watch, you can also take advantage of this day to buy any other Apple product or from other manufacturers during Black Friday, a day that is officially celebrated on November 26, although it will last for 8 days.

What Apple Watch models are on sale on Black Friday

Apple Watch Series 6

With the launch of the Series 7, Apple has stopped selling the Series 6, a model that we are going to find at a very good price during Black Friday if we know how to search well, both the 40 mm version and the 44 mm version.

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE offers us the same design that we can find in the Apple Watch Series 6, but if none of the functionalities to monitor health such as the measurement of oxygen in the blood or the electrocardiogram function.

Apple Watch Series 3

The entry model to the Apple Watch range is the Series 3, a model that was launched on the market in 2017. Despite being the oldest of all, it is compatible with the latest available version of watchOS, although many of the functions that Apple has been incorporating are not available due to hardware limitations.

Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 is the latest model from Apple Wach, a model that except for the largest screen size, little more has to offer compared to its predecessor, as it does not include any new functionality intended to monitor the health of the user.

Finding the new Apple Watch Series 7 it will be a very complicated mission during Black Friday, but we cannot guarantee 100% that it will not be the case.

Why is it worth buying an Apple Watch on Black Friday?

Black Friday is the last chance you have throughout this year to find discounts on the products that interest you before the end of the year and until well into 2022, since the next big event will be Amazon’s Prime Day.

Due to the pull of Amazon in the market, when Apple celebrates Prime Day, the rest of the companies also celebrate their special days of incredible discounts, so it is another excellent opportunity, along with Black Friday to buy electronic products.

Also, at Christmas, traditionally prices rise, so this date is ideal to bring forward each and every Christmas shopping, be it an Apple Watch, a MacBook, an iPhone, a television, a stereo, a smart speaker …

How much do Apple Watch usually reduce during Black Friday?

Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7, which this year is available in up to 5 colors, so it is possible, though unlikely, that we can find a specific offer in the Series 7, an offer that will be associated with a specific color, the color that is probably having the least output on the market.

With the arrival of the Series 7, Apple has stopped selling the Series 6, a model that will continue to be sold in the market until all the units that Apple still have in stock are sold, so we will be able to find offers with discounts of up to 15%, discounts that may be greater in models with specific colors.

The Apple Wath SE, the entry model to a larger screen within the Apple Watch range, has been with interesting discounts for several months in many establishments, so it is more than likely that during the celebration of Black Friday do not miss the party for just under 250 euros.

The Apple Watch Series 3, the model that Apple launched 4 years ago, is the entry range to the Apple Watch, a model that, surely, we will be able to find it with interesting discounts well below 200 euros.

How long is Black Friday on Apple Watch

Apple Watch new size

This year, Black Friday is celebrated on November 26. However, as it has become a bad tradition that eThis begins informally on November 22, which forces users to be aware for a whole week of the different offers launched by all the businesses that sell the products that we are interested in buying.

At least, what is clear is that eThe 26th will be the strongest day of all. Black Friday in 2021 will end on Monday, November 29, with the celebration of Cyber ​​Monday, a Spanish invention to extend Black Friday to the maximum, an American celebration that has been adopted by almost everyone.

Where to find deals on Apple Watch during Black Friday

Michigan Apple Stores Must Close Again Due to Pandemic

Don’t expect to find any offer for Apple Watch or any other Apple device through official stores spread throughout Spain. You will also not find any offers through the Apple Store online, since Apple does not celebrate Black Friday in any way.


The first place that we should consult during the celebration of Black Friday is Amazon, not only for the guarantee and customer service it offers us, but also because all Apple products come from the official Apple store on Amazon.


MediaMarkt stores tend to take advantage of the Black Friday celebration to launch interesting offers related to both Apple Watch as with AirPods, so if you are looking for any of these devices, don’t forget to visit them through their website.

The English Court

In El Corte Inglés we will also find interesting offers both on the Apple Watch as in the Mac range, offers that you can consult through its website and by visiting some of the centers that it has throughout the country.


K-Tuin’s mini Apple Store must also take them into account during the Black Friday celebration.


The Macnificos website is an interesting option not only to find Apple Watch offers, but also to find those accessories and / or straps for our Mac or Apple Watch.

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