Black Friday comes to Newskill and Nfortec with offers in their entire catalog

For some time now, the Black friday It is not only celebrated on the last Friday in November, but throughout this week that starts today. It is a promotional period in which lovers of computing, hardware and consumer electronics will be able to find the products they have been waiting for at a better price than ever, and some manufacturers of the Nfortec and Newskill They were not going to be less, since they offer substantial discounts on almost their entire product catalog. In this article we summarize the best offers you can find.

In both cases, the period of offers for Black Friday began on November 19, but will remain active until the 28th (this next Sunday), and thanks to this you can find discounts of up to 40% in the Nfortec product catalog and up to 50% in the Newskill catalog. We are going to see the most interesting offers that we can find.

Black Friday comes to Newskill, up to 50% off!

The biggest offers from this manufacturer are found in their family of gaming mice, where we can find them for up to half their usual price. Thus, we have for example the family Arakne (which includes the Elite, Elite Ivory, Tournament and the normal Arakne models) with discounts of between 33% and 40%, but we have the biggest offers in the models Lycan, Helios, Habrok and Atreus They are literally half the price, with a 50% discount.

Do not miss this opportunity to get an excellent gaming mouse that adapts to your needs by paying a minimum price.

The offers throughout this week of Black Friday extend to the entire Newskill catalog, and within this you can buy not only mice, but keyboards, headphones, monitors, chairs, microphones and all the gaming peripherals that you can think of, including the Tanaris RGB gaming table, which has a very interesting discount and that makes it much more appetizing than usual.

As we said, the offers are more than extensive, so we recommend you take a look at the entire manufacturer’s website to take a look and be able to get what interests you the most.

Up to 40% discount on the Nfortec catalog

Nfortec fonts

The Spanish manufacturer Nfortec also joins the promotional period for Black Friday this year, and thanks to this we can find very interesting discounts in its entire catalog, reaching 40% in some cases. Among the most outstanding offers we find their families of power supplies, which have up to 30% discount and will allow us to get models like the Vanth (80 Plus Gold, modular) that we recently reviewed with a 25% discount, the models Sagitta or the SCUTUM X with up to 31% discount.

Similarly, Nfortec also has very outstanding offers, such as the storage series Alcyon 33% off (they have both PCIe NVMe and SATA 3 SSDs, the excellent liquid cooling Atria 360 (available in both black and white) with a 25% discount, or their Krater boxes or the huge Acheron that we also analyze with up to 20% discount.

Remember that both for Nfortec and Newskill, the Black Friday offers are active from now on and will last only until this Sunday the 28th, so if you were looking for peripherals or gaming monitors or hardware to complete your PC such as cooling, boxes or power supplies, be sure to visit their respective online stores to take advantage of the best offers that you are going to find this year.

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