Black Friday: Deals boost economy

It is the day that, according to the indicators, announces the strength of the US economy and a global symbol of the start of purchases of Christmas: the Black friday.

It is a tradition made possible by consumerism and opportunity, which in the last 25 years has been developed and adapted in many countries, Mexico included, to promote the sale of merchandise.

In the United States, “Black Friday” occurs after “Thanksgiving,” the country’s quintessential family holiday, when millions travel to reunite, on the last Thursday in November.

According to the American Automobile Association, there are expected to be as many as 53.4 million travelers this year, including 6.4 million by air, in a near complete recovery from the fall of 2020. Reopening land borders helps; Air travelers arrive from other continents for those moments of conviviality and for the offers.

This year is also a reflection of the complications created by the COVID-19 pandemic, with disruptions in production and distribution chains.

In years before the pandemic, photographs of crowds waiting for stores to open were familiar; Now Black Friday is expected to reach sales of 17 billion dollars, thanks to the adaptation required by the need to avoid contagion: purchases by electronic means.

The figure is 20 percent higher than in 2020, when sales, especially electronically, reached $ 14.13 billion.

The legend is that Black Friday is the time when traders go from “red numbers”, that is, losses, to “black numbers”, profits. The origin is different, it refers to the hardships that the influx of visitors put the Philadelphia police through, and when travelers and locals went out in search of bargains.


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