Black Friday is coming on Steam, the best games on sale!

As every year, Black Friday 2021 has already arrived and on Steam is where we can get the best games to play with our PC with a significant discount. So it is time to get the card to buy those games that you are missing in your collection and you have always wanted to have. What are the most outstanding offers?

The platform for the sale and distribution of PC games by Valve’s network, known as Steam, has been allowing us to anticipate Christmas for ourselves for years and give ourselves a series of gifts in the form of our favorite titles. That is why we have made a quick selection of the sales for Black Friday 2021.

Featured deals on Steam’s Black Friday 2021

We have taken a look at the Steam store and for Black Friday 2021 we have decided to highlight the following offers:

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 is currently at € 29.99, this represents a 50% off over its usual price. It is a game with a large number of hours of play and a spectacular visual presentation, one of the best in recent years.
  • The latest work from Remedy Entertainment, Control, is in its Ultimate Edition version by € 12, a price that supposes a 70% discount for this game that will get the most out of your PC’s hardware.
  • Borderlands 3, the third installment of the looter from Gearbox’s acclaimed co-op shooter has also received a good cut in price. Now you can get it for € 14.99 and therefore with a 75% discount.
  • One of the surprises of the year has been DEATHLOOP, a game from Arkane Studios that is the natural successor to Dishonored. This is a recent release that has received extremely positive reviews. Steam Black Friday will allow you to get it for PC with a 50% off and, therefore, by € 29.99.
  • If you have a virtual reality headset then you can’t miss it Half-Life Alyx, which with a 50% discount you can find it for € 24.99

As you may have observed, we have highlighted the most recent launch games that are usually at full price, so it will save you purchasing them to add them to your library. In addition, each of them will give you dozens of hours of gameplay and will squeeze every drop of your PC Gaming hardware.

Hidden gems for modest PCs

Ori will of Wisps Steam Black Friday 2021

Here we leave you a series of games that are at a very cheap price, but that require rather modest hardware today. Not because of their price, they are of worse quality and they will give you many hours of fun.

  • If you like games like Diablo then you can’t miss Grim dawn, which has an incredible amount of content and you can find it for just € 6.24 thanks to your 75% off.
  • The management classic in which you have to take an empire from prehistory to the special era has now reached the sixth installment and you can get Civilization VI for 8.99 €.
  • On the other hand, if what you prefer is to manage a city and be the perfect mayor, you can do it with Cities Skylines which in its base version is for € 6.99.
  • One of the most powerful games of the «Metroidvania» genre is Hollow knight. You can get this modern classic for € 7.49.
  • Within the same genus as the previous one is the Ori: The Collection by € 13.39, two great games that will simply dazzle you.
  • For motor enthusiasts we have Asetto Corsa by 3.99 €, a game that we recommend if you have a good steering wheel.
  • Within the genre of driving we also recommend iRacing, that you can get it by € 7.49.
  • We know the fourth installment just came out, but Age of Empires II is a timeless classic of strategy and is in its Definitive Edition by € 9.99. We recommend it if you have never played before and your PC cannot handle the new installment.

Among the Steam offers for this Black Friday 2021 there are many more, however, we wanted to highlight those that we consider the most outstanding of all.

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