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November 26 is Black Friday, a time of year for which probably have you been saving in the last year and thus be able to renew your old Mac for one of the new models that Apple has launched on the market, mainly those managed by the M1 processor.

Although the strong day will be the 26th, the first Black Friday offers will begin on the 22nd, Monday and will extend throughout that week until the following Monday the 29th, the day on which Cyber ​​Monday is celebrated. Nevertheless, It is not advisable to wait until the last minute.

What Mac models are on sale on Black Friday

Before buying the first Mac that we see, we must take into account if we need to run Windows on the computer. If so, we will have to opt for an Intel processor, since, at the moment, Microsoft has not released an ARM version of Windows 11.

As there is no version of Windows 11 for ARM devices, you will not even be able to virtualize it to use it. If you have no intention of using Windows, it is best to buy a model with the M1 processor.

MacBook Air

If you want a powerful laptop with very low battery consumption And that, in addition, it is cheap, the best option available in the market is the MacBook Air. This was the first device, along with the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the Mac mini to adopt Apple’s M1 processor.

MacBook Air has been around for several months at a lower price than the official Apple on Amazon, so this can not miss the celebration of Black Friday.

Macbook pro

The first MacBook Pro to incorporate the M1 chip was the 13-inch model, a model that was launched on the market last year and that in recent months, has reduced its price, a price reduction that runs through Black Friday.

However, the 14-inch and 16-inch models that they showed up just over a month ago, surely they will not be available in the Mac deals that we are going to find during Black Friday.


While we await the full transition to ARM processors within the iMac range, it is very likely that we will find interesting offers on iMac with this processor.

However, if you want to enjoy M1 processors, you can go for the 24-inch iMac that Apple introduced 6 months ago, an iMac available in several colors and that offers us the same power that we can find in the MacBook Air.

Mac mini

The Mac mini that Apple revamped last year to offer its first ARM processor, M1, He will not miss the Black Friday party.

Of course, it must be borne in mind that Apple continues to sell the model with an Intel processor, so you have to look at the offers a lot, let’s not make mistakes when buying the model we want.

If we do not mind having the latest of the latest, in Amazon we will surely find some other 2018 model, a model that, unlike the M1, does allow us to use Windows 11.

Why is it worth buying a Mac on Black Friday?

Mac mini with M1 is the fastest among single-core processors

Black Friday is, together with Prime Day, the best time of year to buy any technology product, but not only in Amazon, but in any other establishment, since they take advantage of the Prime Day pull to launch their offers.

If we take into account that Prime Day was celebrated months ago, the last option we have left for find interesting discounts go through Black Friday, a time of year that merchants take advantage of to get rid of the stock they have in their warehouses for the new products that will be sold at Christmas.

Christmas is the worst time of year to shop, as businesses prices tend to go up to take advantage of the need of many users to buy Christmas gifts.

How much do Macs usually go down on Black Friday?

2021 MacBook Pro

For now You can forget about finding the new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro on sale during Black Friday. These devices have just hit the market and the availability is not that it is being very wide due to the shortage of microchips.

The MacBook Air, a device that has been on the market for more than a year, and whose renewal is scheduled for next year, has many ballots for continue with the same discount that we have seen for months, a discount that has sometimes reached up to 200 euros.

The 24-inch iMac, depending on the color, will also sign up for Black Friday. If you don’t care about color, you should be aware of the different offers of the 24-inch iMac with the M1 processor, a model that has been on the market for 6 months.

Regarding the Mac mini, depending on whether it is the model with an Intel or ARM processor, we will find more or less discounts. On the model with an Intel processor, discounts can be as high as 25% at best.

How long is Black Friday on Macs?

Black friday will officially start on November 26 at 0:01 and will run throughout the day until 23:59. However, from Monday, November 22 until the following Monday, November 29, we will find offers of all kinds to buy a Mac on Black Friday.

Where to find Mac deals on Black Friday

Apple Changsha

Manzana she is not a friend of making discounts during any time of the year and Black Friday is no exception. If you want to take advantage of this day to renew your Mac, you will not find any offer through Apple’s usual distribution channels.


Both for its guarantee and for its customer service, Amazon is one of the best platforms to make purchases on Black Friday. In addition, if we buy any Apple product, we will enjoy the same guarantee that Apple offers us directly, since it is the Cupertino-based company that is behind.


Although MediaMarkt does not usually focus its activity on the sale of Mac, during Black Friday it will surely launch an interesting offer, especially on the models that have been on the market the longest.

The English Court

Another of the establishments that will offer us interesting discounts on older Mac models is El Corte Inglés.


If you don’t have an Apple Store nearby, you can visit a store. K-Tuin to see and test first-hand any Apple device you are interested in and take advantage of the offers they have prepared for us during Black Friday.


Machinists focuses its activity on the sale of Apple products and accessories and during Black Friday it has interesting offers prepared. We could say that this website is like a reduced version of the online Apple Store.

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