Black Mirror will have a sixth season

Three years have passed since the premiere of the fifth season of Black Mirrorthe iconic series by Charlie Brooker that, especially in its first seasons, knew how to put our hearts in a fist, with diverse images of a more or less near future (in some cases we could almost speak of the present) that shows us what can come to occur if trends that are already a reality in the present evolve in a certain direction.

If it were any other series, three years without news would have made us come to the conclusion, some time ago, that the series was cancelled/finished, and that we would only have to enjoy its best episodes again, but since We talk about Black Mirror and Charlie Brooker, hecome to such a conclusion was not so obviousalthough it is also true that since its arrival on Netflix, the rhythm seemed to normalize.

On the other hand, Brooker left House of Tomorrow, his production company and the group that had the rights to the Black Mirror franchise, in 2020, which made it considerably difficult for him to return to the series. However, and after several mergers and acquisitions along the way, we can read in Variety that the agreement has finally been possible and that, consequently, Netflix and Brooker are already working on the sixth season of Black Mirror.

And stillIt’s too early to hear about the plot of future episodes, one of the elements of Black Mirror that are always kept in a safe inside another safe, as well as on the dates of arrival of the same. However, we can imagine that we will still have to wait at least a few months, and the fact is that the production of Black Mirror episodes is usually quite complex and expensive, with little or nothing to envy more than the cinematographic premiere.

And in this sense, yes, there is news about it, since a source informed about the project would have affirmed that the sixth season will have more episodes than the fifth (which has three) and that will have an even more cinematic treatment and scope, something that we could already see in some episodes of previous seasons. This is something we’ve seen before in series like Sherlock (the BBC’s with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman).

It will be interesing rediscover the acid and dystopian vision of Brooker, even more so after three years that have not only allowed him to rest a bit from the format, but have also added new elements that he will undoubtedly be able to add to the plots of the new episodes of Black Mirror. Personally, I think that the series needed a break and that these three years may end up being good news, if Brooker has taken advantage of them and surprises us again as he did in the past.

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