Black Rose Wars: Rebirth, last days of the Kickstarter

The campaign for the realization of the second chapter of the Ludus Magnus Studio saga, Black Rose Wars: Rebirth, is on the Kickstarter portal for a few more days.

Let’s find out in more detail the new title of Marco Montanaro set in the Nova Aetas universe.

Black Rose Wars: Rebirth, still for a few days on Kickstarter

Rebirth tells the events that take place 25 years after the end of the first wars, which we knew and experienced in the first title. In this 1 to 4-person game, we will play some of the few wizards who survived the coming of Lucifer, while much of the world is still in the dark about what happened on a cold winter night 5 decades ago. But the order of the Black Rose is not entirely extinct: and indeed, a new power struggle for the title of Grand Master of the Order has just begun.

Black Rose Wars: Rebirth is a title with a strong setting component lasting 90 minutes per game: it is a game with elements of deck-building and tactical combat, in which even a careful management of the character’s resources can change the tide of the game. The game experience will also be enriched here with numerous miniatures, to immerse yourself even more in the Chronicles of Nova Aetas and in the War of the Black Rose.

The Black Rose Wars: Rebirth Kickstarter campaign will run until 9 September. To grab a copy of the game which is also available in Italian, whose delivery is scheduled for September 2022, there is a single level of pledge costing 129 euros. The title campaign, behind which there is an all-Italian team, has already raised over € 1 million from almost 8000 financiers.

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