Black Summer 3: the third season will be done?

Back up Netflix two years after the arrival of the first season, Black Summer 2 immediately jumped to the top of the most watched programs of the Californian streaming platform thanks to an unmistakable atmosphere full of tension and the choices made with the narrative structure. Now, after 8 episodes (some even lasting half an hour) many are wondering: “Black Summer 3, one third season from the zombie prequel series by Z-Nation, it will do?”

A question that is difficult to answer a few days after the debut of the new season on Netflix (it landed on the service last June 17th), but to which we will try to answer.

Where we stayed with Black Summer

The story of Black Summer takes up the stories of some characters met during the first season of the show. After one of the most classic zombie apocalypses (but also one of the best made for the small screen), the character of Lance (Kelsey Flower) appears on screen for a very short time and… no, it doesn’t look like we’ll see him again in Black Summer 3.

Also Julius James, aka Spears (Justin Chu Cary), if he ever returns in a third season of the series he will probably do so as an undead.

The appeal is obviously missing Rose (Jaime King) with his daughter, whose epilogue has yet to be written, e Ooh “Sun” Kyungsun (Christine Lee), the only one who seems to be doing really well, despite having spent a second season practically in captivity.

Black Summer 3 will be done?

In short, the conditions to continue the story with a third season of Black Summer are all there but, alas, at the moment Netflix hasn’t officially renewed the series yet (and we all know how the red N ax easily knocks down his shows).

We are therefore not yet certain if Black Summer 3 will be done but, based on the reviews of the critics (all super positive at the time of writing on Rotten Tomatoes, where an enviable 100% stands out) and on the popularity of the series, now in the Top 10 of Netflix, we may not have to worry too much about its renewal.

When will the third season of Black Summer be released?

Therefore, assuming that Netflix wants to take some time to announce the renewal of Black Summer, as happened after the first season ended, it’s easy to imagine that a Black Summer 3 release date could arrive somewhere in the summer / winter of 2022.

Of course, 2 years had to pass between the first and second seasons, but there was a pandemic in between and the producers themselves, on several occasions, declared that under normal conditions the series would have landed on Netflix in unsuspecting times. .

Looking forward to Black Summer 3

The unanswered questions are still many, and the hope of the fans is that a third season of Black Summer will at least partially answer some of them.

And have you seen the second season? What do you think? Let us know via a comment below!

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