BlackBerry apps for Android: No summer support

The truth is that, after what our MC colleagues told us in this news, we are not surprised that BlackBerry applications for Android are going to be without support starting this summer, specifically from September 1, 2022, a date that marks an important point and end for Android-based BlackBerry smartphones, which offered differential value by incorporating these applications.

It is important that you are clear that the end of support for BlackBerry applications for Android does not mean that they will not be available anymore, and nor that they will stop working overnight, simply that they will not receive new updates or patches of any kind, which means that they will not receive new bug fixes, nor security improvements, even if relatively important problems are discovered.

In professional environments, the lack of support is a problem because, in the end, it can seriously compromise the security of the device. BlackBerry Android terminals will continue to work without problem, but with that particularity that we have indicated. To this day, we can find numerous applications that have reached their end of life cycle and are still available in the Google Play Store, so the same may happen with those BlackBerry applications for Android.

The application list that will reach its end of life cycle in September of this year is the following: Password Keeper, DTEK security app, Launcher, Privacy Shade and Keyboard.

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The end of support for BlackBerry applications for Android also means that, if in the future we see a new terminal under that brand, this one will not have any important characteristics that really differentiate it of the Android terminals of other companies, except, perhaps, for the detail that it could recover the physical keyboard, at least according to the most recent rumors.

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